The Learning Journey

Aquinas College has developed a framework for a boys’ learning journey from kindergarten to graduation.

Set within the context of family, school and community, it centres on the academic, emotional, social and overarching spiritual domains.

This creates a unique matrix that allows a clear, ongoing understanding of boys’ growth at Aquinas College for staff and parents. It’s instrumental in helping us educate boys in such a way that they emerge from Aquinas as good young men who can do great things for themselves and the community.

The Aquinas Learning Journey is based on research and accepted models of personal development. The work of Piaget, Kohlberg, Erikson, Fowler and others guides the mapping process across each of the domains which include:

  • COGNITIVE – acquisition and application of knowledge
  • SOCIAL – relationships with others
  • EMOTIONAL – acceptance of self
  • PHYSICAL – growing from a boy into a man
  • SPIRITUAL – the moral compass to determine right from wrong.

A boy’s spiritual development is overarching and underpins each of the other domains.

Junior School
Middle School
Senior School

Junior School

Your son’s first experience with formal education is crucial; it can shape both how he views himself and his attitude to learning. Our Early Years Program is designed to support the unique learning needs of boys, with a strong emphasis on the literacy and numeracy skills that form the foundation for their future.

Our curriculum nurtures the natural curiosity of boys. It encourages exploration and discovery in a supportive, enriching, multi-sensory learning environment. Boys thrive when given opportunities to engage in hands-on learning that provides opportunities for movement and space; they love to construct, investigate, experiment and question. Through inquiry play-based learning, our teachers guide boys to discover and explore new concepts. We are dedicated to tailoring our teaching methods to support how boys learn best through intentional learning spaces suited to development, interest and need.

Completed in 2014, our purpose-built Early Learning Centre has a village-style feel and spacious, air-conditioned learning spaces. All classrooms open to outdoor courtyards, creating flexible indoor-outdoor learning areas that can be quickly and easily adapted for different activities. Not only is the space aesthetically inviting, but it also meets the needs of curious young boys who require space and diversity to further enrich their learning experiences in the early years of school.

Our Junior School provides an exciting boy-friendly experience. Everything from our teaching methods to our campus is designed around the needs of boys.

Class sizes are small, so each boy can receive the attention he needs. Our emphasis on literacy and numeracy ensures boys have a solid foundation and early intervention is provided to support and differentiate as and when required..To help your son discover his passions and talents, he will also receive specialist teaching in Art, Languages, Music, STEM and Physical Education. Boys thrive with structure and routine. We make sure they know what we expect and we help them take responsibility for their own learning. In this way, they develop independence, initiative and self-confidence within a safe, secure environment.

We also recognise that young boys have energy to burn; they need lots of room to move, play and explore. Our beautiful grounds and ovals give boys space and freedom to learn and grow.

Middle School

During the first three years of Secondary School, your son is going through a period of intense change – physically, emotionally and academically. Our curriculum is designed to help him find his feet during this time of upheaval.

In addition to traditional core subjects, he can choose from a breadth of challenging electives that enable him to discover where his strengths and passions lay. There’s nothing like finding an area where he excels, to give a teen boy a confidence boost. This exposure also helps him make informed decisions on future subject selections that can influence his post-school options.

Our teaching philosophy is to encourage all boys to strive for their personal best. Our innovative extension program challenges and engages academically gifted students. Conversely, boys who may be struggling in certain areas are given the support and assistance they need to reach their full potential.

Senior School

Upon entry to the Senior School in Year 10, the diversity of learning opportunities for boys are innumerable, both on and off-campus. Your son can choose between a range of ATAR, General and VET Certificate II courses through our Aquinas myFUTURE program that will prepare him for his future career aspirations and cater for his personal interests. Students may prepare for university entry through the attainment of an ATAR, or get hands-on work experience through Industry and Enterprise pathways.

By building a strong partnership between school and home, facilitated by the Tutor and Head of House, we will create the right environment for your son to thrive.