Middle School Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021

Margaret River Odyssey Report

One of the realities of our modern, technologically driven society, is that young people can find themselves, through no fault of their own, alienated from the natural world and deprived of particular physical and sensory experiences that previous generations took for granted. One of the purposes of the Odyssey adventure journeys, therefore, is to offer boys a physically challenging experience which promotes personal responsibility in ways which bring about a genuine sense of achievement alongside personal growth and development.

One of the highlights of the Margaret River camp is the natural environment in which the boys spend their time. Situated just outside of Karridale, between Margaret River and Augusta, the Explorus campsite and surrounding areas contain some of the most beautiful natural wonders of our state. During our three-night stay from Monday to Thursday, we stayed at the Karridale campsite and in a paddock at Boathaugh, a privately owned farm on the banks of the Blackwood River.

The camp was run on the principle of ‘Challenge by Choice’, and I was so proud of the ways the boys rose to each challenge. This principle was seen by some boys overcoming a fear of heights to abseil down a sheer cliff or by beginning and in some cases, completing the High Ropes Course. Others found working their way through the steep ladders and tight spaces in Giant’s Cave confronting. For others, finding the mental strength to push on with a heavy backpack when the physical demands of our bushwalk were really starting to hit home, was a test of character. In the end, it wasn’t about who was the strongest or the fittest, but about how each individual reacted when their character was tested. This is where some of the most important examples of personal growth could be found.

Since returning to the world of flushing toilets, hot showers and home-cooked meals, we might well ask about the long-term effect of the Odyssey. Hopefully, each boy now has a greater appreciation for the fact that every journey, the actual and the metaphorical, begins with a single step, whether that be a long walk, studying for exams or preparing for a sporting season. Every journey has its share of difficulties, but there are also moments of beauty, fun and accomplishments, big and small. I hope that our boys now appreciate that they have reserves of courage and determination that they never knew they had. If this is true for most of them, then we can deem the camp to have been a great success.

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Middle School Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021

Dear Future Aquinian

Dear future Aquinian,

What to look forward to:
There is a variety of opportunities at Aquinas, we will talk about sport first and then to music. The opportunities for sport is amazing, for winter sport you can choose footy, soccer, rugby, hockey and rowing. The summer sport choices you can choose from are basketball, water polo, cricket, rowing, and volleyball. Now to the music aspect, in music you can choose from drums and trumpets and a lot of other instruments. If you are into music this is the right school for you, and the same for sport.

Motivation from me and to give things a go:

Trust me, the Middle School and Senior School goes very quickly, so trust me, you should give everything a go, even if you don't want to. I highly recommended you give as many things as you can a go. Because when you are older you will be disappointed that you didn't give some things a go that you may have liked.

Here are some challenges for you from me:

If you are sporty and love a sport, try to get into A’s, it's going to be a massive challenge because there is a lot of kids coming to Aquinas next year and there will probably be a lot of kids that love the same sport as you. If you love music and stuff, try to get into a band or something because if you go into a band, trust me, you will love it and Aquinas provide awesome songs to play.

Why you have made the right choice by going to Aquinas:

Aquinas, in my opinion, is the best school in Perth and it is very strong musically and very strong athletically and very strong sporty. Aquinas provides a lot of opportunities in everything, trust me, you will find something you absolutely love at Aquinas. You will also fit in very easily. I bet you will find 3 best friends that will be your best friends for life. Aquinians are very close to each other and I bet after school you will find millions of past and present Aquinians anywhere. Trust you have made the right choice going to Aquinas

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Middle School Monday, 22 Nov 2021

Sailing Away on the Leeuwin

The Leeuwin adventure was an experience of a lifetime. It was filled with hard work, determination, character building and lots of fun. My favourite activity was climbing up the mast and then going along the yard to untie and drop the sails. This was very scary and took a lot of courage. One thing l didn’t like was having to get up at 2 am to do the night shift, everyone got an hour to do throughout the night. On the night shift, you need to do a series of checks, this includes checking the anchor, checking the engine room for fire and making sure the fridge is still turned on. Going on the Leeuwin is an experience l will cherish forever.

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Middle School Monday, 15 Nov 2021

Gold For Tim

Timothy Kania was recently awarded the Gold Medal for the National History Challenge of 2021, for the category of Research in Primary Sources in History - one of the most competitive of all the categories listed. His entry, entitled – ‘The Legacy’ was an investigation into the Life and Sacrifice of Lindsay Gordon Glowrey.

The prize was judged by the Chief Archivist of the National Archives of Australia. Timothy’s entry was submitted both as a script and as a six-minute AV Documentary. Tim delivered a speech to a large audience after receiving the award, on what he had gained from researching Glowrey’s life, and scouring through the online archives. He commented about how being an Aquinas College student made him feel close to Glowrey. He also spoke about Aquinas College’s rich legacy in Service of Country and gratefully accepted the prize on behalf of the memory of Lindsay Glowrey.

A special word of thanks to Lachlan Bowyer who, when Tim requested that he could work on this project as part of his schoolwork, allowed him to do so.

For his award – Tim received a Gold Medal for his research from the History Teachers Association of Australia and the History Teachers Association of Western Australia; a certificate and a cash prize.

Tim’s one regret – he had to miss the Firsts Tennis in order to receive his award.

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Middle School Thursday, 04 Nov 2021

Investing in Double Ls

As part of their Personal Finance elective class, Yr 9 students, Liam Sannell and Liam O'Keefe, recently competed in the ASX Schools Sharemarket Game competition. The boys ended up placing 5th in the country and 1st in the state!

Their strategy?

The main goal when investing in the ASX share market game was to protect the money invested against fluctuations caused by COVID-19 conditions. This strategy provided a simple ‘blueprint’ for selecting shares. An aversion to buying BIG mining companies specialising in iron ore extraction was the focus, as the syndicate felt that the capital growth the big miners had experienced in 2021 was more than likely to go down rather than continue to rise over the course of the game.

The companies that provided the greatest capital gain were A2 Milk, Reliance Worldwide Corporation and Beach Energy Limited. The first two companies listed were identified as benefiting from COVID conditions. First of all, A2 milk produces powdered milk and baby formula, and it was felt that as the world was ‘stockpiling’ and ‘panic-buying' milk products and thus there was a real chance that these company’s shares would be in high demand. Reliance Worldwide Corporation specialises in high-quality plumbing and heating products, and it was felt that, due to COVID lockdowns and a rise in home maintenance and improvements, that the demand for their products would rise - thereby increasing the company’s overall profit levels and demand for their shares.

Finally, it must be said that the syndicate decided that they would not ride their luck and bank on share prices continuing to rise over extended periods. This ‘mindset’ saw the syndicate sell at the top of a price spike on two occasions for companies that had had share prices rise sharply. All the above being said there was a real element of good luck and timing as on more than one occasion the syndicate sold shares hours before a large price drop.

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Middle School Wednesday, 03 Nov 2021

Relay 4 Life

Last Friday the year 8 and 9 boys at Aquinas College took part in the Relay4Life event with Santa Maria. During this event, we were given the opportunity to dress up in a themed costume with our fellow classmates from our tutor group and walk laps around the oval to raise money for the cancer council. One of the best experiences was the dance challenge for the Year 9s, where we had limited time to come up with a routine with a corresponding Santa Maria House and perform it in front of everyone. Not only was this a great social but also served as a learning experience where we were informed about how the money we have raised will help support those with cancer.

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Senior School Thursday, 28 Oct 2021


AC TV has been striving in leaps and bounds in 2021, producing more shows and at a higher quality than previously. Being a part of AC TV is amazing with everyone working as a group towards an end goal of producing an episode. Sometimes that is very challenging with an intense conversation on the Microsoft Teams Page leading to throwing all plans for the current episode in the bin. These setbacks, however, make the episodes better as we strive to produce a higher quality show every time.

Through the help of Mr Lachlan Bowyer, Mrs Virginia Eastman and Ms Ashayla Ramsey we have been able to learn new things about videography including framing and video editing. Using their wealth of experience, it has enabled us to think outside the box and to be more creative in how we produce our stories. I have been able to learn lots about videography and I am doing it while enjoying myself, doing something that I am passionate about.

Being a part of AC TV is very fun, producing a story on something at the college with friends is very enjoyable and rewarding!

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