Middle School Wednesday, 22 Sep 2021

The Great Crow Debate

Last Friday, the Middle School students gathered in the Brother Paull Centre for the eagerly anticipated final between Bryan West and Treacy East. The topic was one that everyone in the audience had an opinion on

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Senior School Wednesday, 22 Sep 2021

2021 College Waste Audit

Together, the Sustainability Council and other interested students willing to dive into rubbish accomplished a College Waste Audit on Friday the 17th of September. This not so glamorous research provided an opportunity for the Council to collect data on the type, volume and location of waste across the college. You are probably wondering how this was done, and no students were not just pulling rubbish out of the bins and randomly sorting it — quite the opposite thanks to Rosie from Waste Wise Schools. The Waste Wise schools van pulled up with all the equipment we could ever need: tarps, many many tubs and buckets, tongs, gloves, soap and of course cleaning equipment for the end clean up!

Whilst some were setting up the scene other students were going around selecting a diverse range of bins from across the College. We settled on 7 wheelie bins emptying them onto the tarp for the many hands/tongs to sort through. Emptying the bins onto the tarp was not a pretty sight at all! Waste was sorted into 3 main categories — undegradable, recyclable and organic waste, which within them had separate sections such as snack wrappers, food scraps, paper and cardboard, aluminium, and plastic.

Sorting the waste took roughly a period and went fairly free of too much mess apart from the occasional stray projectile burger inbound for the food scraps bucket. During the sorting process, the boys found it very easy to fill the snack wrapper, plastic and general rubbish buckets already giving some insight before the data had even been collected. Once the mountain of waste was sorted into the various categories the true purpose of the waste audit came about, because after all, nobody wants to just sort rubbish for fun, we began collecting data.

From the data collected, food waste is the largest by weight and then general and plastic waste following closely behind with many little bundles of glad wrap. Surprisingly and even more so shockingly, whole unopened chip packets were discovered, whole packets of Oreos, many whole sandwiches and fruit, as well as drinks and, aside from food, Tupperware containers were also discovered – sorry parents these were not all the disposable kind! This data is hopefully going to be used by the council to pitch to the college systems to put in place to reduce waste, but this responsibility also lies with the students – they are the ones who need to take action on reducing the waste in our College.

So what can you do? It is fairly simple — be responsible consumers, not wasteful, only buy what you will eat and if you don’t eat it - take it home and let your parents know you don’t like certain things rather than throw them out. In short, think before you throw something out – offer it to mates or leave it for another day!

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Middle School Monday, 20 Sep 2021

MS House Triathlon 2021

The House Triathlon is a great event that isn’t seen as a conventional sports carnival but is just as important in terms of the house spirit and camaraderie that is built between the boys. The day before the event there was talk of cancelling due to prospects of stormy weather. However, on the day itself, the conditions could not have been more perfect, as the sky was clear with the sun shining. Boys have the option of taking on the daunting task of the individual race or as a team. Triathlon is an event with a swim, bike and run so the boys doing the individual had to be adept in all three to achieve success. However for boys not brave enough to take on the task of an individual they could do it in a team. It may not sound as impressive as the individual but the results of the teams make all the difference when it comes to final scores. This is what ended happening this year. Just like a cross country race where the lowest points win, competitors were given points corresponding to their placement. After the day’s events had finished Glowrey ended up with the win.

House Results

  • 1st Glowrey
  • 2nd Bryan
  • 3rd Edmund
  • 4th Treacy

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Senior School Friday, 17 Sep 2021

Diplomats in the Making

This term, 12 Aquinas students (Years 9 and 10) took part in the PSA Model United Nations. It is the second time the PSA has held this competition, this year the UN Youth have become involved which has only improved the event! Model United Nations or MUN is a competition that simulates the United Nations Security Council, where teams of three are assigned a specific country and hope to pass new resolutions into international law. Each PSA school was assigned a different country as can be seen below:

  • Aquinas- UK/Niger/Malaysia/Estonia
  • CCGS - Ireland/Vietnam/Tunisia
  • GGS - United States of America
  • Hale- India, St Vincent & Grenadines, Spain, Bolivia
  • Scotch - Russia/ New Zealand
  • Trinity - France, Mexico, South Korea, Australia
  • Wesley - China, Norway

This competition was so enjoyable as we were able to take on the persona and policies of the country we were representing. MUN incorporates skills such as negotiating, public speaking and teamwork. In the PSA MUN we had to pass two resolutions about; Artificial Intelligent Weapons and Privacy of Data in Sport. Although the Council failed to pass both of these due countries such as Russia and China exercising veto power, we still had an amazing experience.

In addition to this the Year 10 team of Matteo Conte, Ethan Dixon and Matthew Vinci won the competition as they were awarded the number one team on the evening! I was also awarded ‘best helper’ for my role on the evening assisting my teammates throughout the course of the events in various ways. This competition allowed all the PSA schools to compete in something that wasn’t a sport which led to a different dynamic and arguably more competitive side for all of the Aquinas students. We all had a great time and we hope more teams can get involved next year!

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Middle School Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021

Yr 8 Advocacy Presentations

A major assignment for Year 8 Veritas is the Advocacy Presentation.

This involves every Year 8 student working in a group of 3 to collaborate and create a ‘Justice and Advocacy Presentation’ to be presented in front of family and friends.

This project is a strong contributor to the growth journey of a boy at Aquinas College because:

  • it allows boys to learn about Justice Issues in the world,
  • boys learn about and experience ‘advocacy’,
  • students get to demonstrate learning in front of peers & family,
  • public speaking and presentation skills are developed in students,
  • it builds an even more informed and compassionate Aquinas College community.

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Middle School Thursday, 09 Sep 2021

Yr 9 Applied Science and Engineering Projects

In Applied Science and Engineering this term we have been focusing on the design process and creation of a device involving an ultrasonic sensor. We first learnt about the main steps of design: defining a problem, gathering information, generating alternatives, analysing and selecting the best alternative, designing and building the prototype, and testing and evaluating. With this knowledge, we were able to plan and begin designing our prototypes. A large majority chose to create sensors that would help people park their cars, but others chose more creative designs such as sensors that helped blind people complete certain tasks.

Throughout the term, we had to make a written report which outlined in more detail the design process and how it related to the problem we decided to solve. Then came building the prototype. We were able to use any material we wanted, but most chose cardboard or plastic as they were easy materials to find. We then had to code our MicroBit with the ultrasonic sensor code and build the circuit wiring that was necessary for the sensor to function. Some students added LED’s or speakers to help users when the sensor detected a certain distance. Finally, students tested and evaluated how their sensor worked to fix their problem. In total, this project offered students an insight into the process of design, allowed us to learn more about ultrasonic sensors and their potential uses throughout society.

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Senior School Friday, 27 Aug 2021

2021 MS & SS House Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to Durack House! Back-to-Back Senior School Athletics Champions. And Congratulations to Glowery House, the Middle School House Athletics Champions for 2021

Durack and Glowery Houses took out the 2021 House Athletics Carnivals on a perfect day at Memorial Oval. Coming off the back of an inspirational Australian Olympic campaign in Tokyo where former Aquinas students, such as Zac Incerti and Aran Zalewski, showed the Australian Olympic spirit, our Senior and Middle school students turned up in large numbers, proudly wearing their House colours in a terrific display of Aquinas College House spirit.

The competition was hard fought all day with excellent participation rates from all Years in all Houses. There were many standout performers on the day which gave Acting Head of Sport Kristian Leeson some optimism going into the PSA Athletics season.

What makes this day so great for me is seeing the enormous number of boys across the Year groups all out on Memorial Oval enjoying being a part of a spirit and culture that is centred around participation and giving it your best effort. So many boys step up into events to have a go and to compete in a friendly manner against mates, all while being supported and encouraged by peers and staff. It’s more than a day of activities for me, it’s a day where boys get to showcase their talent, skill, determination, and commitment.

These events don’t just happen, they take great work in the lead-up and during the carnival, I would firstly like to thank the students for getting involved in the day and behaving in a way that is respectful and highly competitive. I’d also like to thank all the staff for their determined help during the day, each event has at least 8 staff helping so thanks to those who raked sandpits, measured throws or timed races, your support is invaluable. Lastly thank you to the Heads of House and tutors for organising the students into their races and for fostering a House Spirit that encourages boys to participate and engage in the day.

Our sincere thanks are also extended to Trin Suckling for coordinating Farmers’ Food Festival along with the extended boarding communities support, this event was held on the same day as the House Athletics Carnival. In total $9,000 was raised on the day with some great food options for the students available along with some great raffles and prizes to be won. It proved to be an extremely successful occasion, it’s great to have the extra engagement of the Aquinas community to enhance the spectacle of the day.

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Senior School Friday, 30 Jul 2021

Why a school for boys?

While young men and boys can and do excel in many types of educational institutions, schools for boys focus with intention on learning that addresses not only how to excel in academics but also how to grow into a young man of integrity and empathy.

In engaging and supportive single-sex environments, students explore their values and establish a foundation for making responsible decisions; they explore their own definitions of self, who they are and who they want to become; they learn to forge healthy relationships; they step out of their comfort zone to explore their full potential.

They are preparing for their roles in a globally connected world.

Here’s how that happens.

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