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We believe it’s not what our boys become, but who they become that truly matters. Our main focus is on producing young men who strive to do the best for others as well as themselves. It’s where good men grow.

The College motto, Veritas Vincit means truth conquers. It is the foundation for everyone in our community and at the heart of our call to be Christian. The maxim by which our students are encouraged to be good men.
About Aquinas College
Mission, Vision, Values
Inclusive Education
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About Aquinas College

Aquinas is one of the oldest schools in Western Australia, with a history dating back to 1894. It is known for its beautiful grounds, excellent academic and sporting environment and for producing young men of character who strive to do the best they can for others as well as themselves.

Aquinas College is located on the banks of the Canning River in Salter Point, Perth. With 2km of river frontage and a spacious environment, Aquinas is the ideal place for young men to learn and play.

Aquinas College is a school for boys in the Public Schools Association (PSA). It is a school made up of young men from a variety of different backgrounds who are aware of the privileges Aquinas offers.

Catering for K-12, with day students and boarders, we have an innovative curriculum, outstanding facilities and dedicated teachers who genuinely care about their students.

At Aquinas College, it’s not what our students become, but who they become that matters. We offer a vibrant school life steeped in mateship, academic success and sporting tradition with a belief in service, achievement and commitment. It’s the perfect environment for good men to grow.

For example, if a boy wants to study hard and follow his dream of becoming a surgeon so he can buy a mansion and drive an expensive car, we’re probably not the right school for him.

But if he wants to study hard and follow his dream of becoming a surgeon so he can use his skills and talents to change the lives of others for the better; we’ll roll out the welcome mat.

We don’t begrudge anyone the material rewards that come from their success, regardless of the industry. But our focus is on working with and developing men of good character who want to do great things for others as well as themselves.

Aquinas College offers a range of opportunities to motivate and inspire our students. They receive a holistic education that encompasses academic studies, sport, culture and community service.

Our tenets of scholarly attainment, spiritual awareness, character formation and solidarity with others remain at the core of day-to-day activities. A particular emphasis is placed on a a developmental program that assists in the formation of each student as they journey from boyhood to manhood.

The College motto, Veritas Vincit means truth conquers. It is the foundation for everyone in our community and at the heart of our call to be Christian.

This philosophy is clearly articulated through our Service programs, our Immersion experiences and our Retreat programs. We demonstrate the Church’s commitment to the dignity of the individual, particularly through the relationships we build with our community.

Aquinas College is a strong academic school, with subjects, teaching styles and activities that are boy focused. While subjects are important within themselves, their true value lies in helping each student discover and develop his inner spirit and strength of character – his heart and soul. Creating a moral compass for life, learning about himself and the difference he can make is as important as what he learns inside the classroom.

We are always extremely proud when our students do well, and we celebrate achievement, creativity and effort across a vast range of academic and co-curricular pursuits. Our appeal as a school rests in our strong sense of faith, the values we strive to maintain, our commitment to realising the potential of each young man in our care and in providing a balanced education that addresses the academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our student's lives.

We have the highest expectations of all our boys. Our aim is for each to be the best he can be in all that he does and to demonstrate outstanding levels of attendance, appearance, courtesy, respect and work ethic throughout his time at the school.

Mission, Vision, Values


Aquinas College, as an EREA school, offers a liberating education, based on a Gospel spirituality, within an inclusive community committed to justice and solidarity. We enable boys to reach their full potential for themselves, and to become valuable members of society.


Founded in values espoused in the Gospel, Aquinas College seeks to transform the hearts and minds of students through education to build a more just and inclusive local and global community through presence, compassion and liberation.


Education is an experience, one steeped in three key touchpoints that affect relationships, behaviours and deliverables. Our values of Character, Faith and Excellence encourages students to question their beliefs, capabilities and expectations in order to mould them into the good men they can be.

  • Faith in action. We journey in our faith and express it by living the Gospel Values through life and prayer.
  • Character in life. We enable our students to understand, care about and act on core ethical values such as respect, justice, civic virtue and citizenship, and responsibility for self and others.
  • Excellence every day. We strive to challenge our College community by focusing on holistic success and the facilitation of opportunities for boys to achieve.

Inclusive Education

Our commitment to inclusive education provides students with different learning needs. Gifted students can access extension programs across all curriculum areas, while students in need of a little further assistance have access to a dedicated learning support team and program. Our bursary programs for those on the margins are very highly regarded. We provide pathways for University entrance (ATAR Courses) and highly developed Vocational Education and Training opportunities. These offer nationally accredited qualifications, valuable work experience and enable access to post-school destinations such as TAFE, traineeships, and apprenticeships. Our curriculum programs are innovative, utilise the latest technology and respond to emerging trends in education and the ever-changing demands of our modern world.

The College enjoys a strong reputation for the excellent pastoral care and formation of our boys. The College staff are wonderful role models who give enormous hours of their time to both the formal and informal curriculum. They value the dignity and worth of every student and strive to create a positive learning environment in which the personal needs of all students are catered for. The boys are encouraged to seek personal excellence and are challenged to discover and develop their talents not only for themselves but also in the service of others.

Public Schools Association

The Public Schools Association (PSA) was established in 1905 by the Headmasters of seven independent Perth boys schools. Through the PSA, boys take part in athletic and sporting competitions throughout the school year. Sports are played weekly during the term. Athletic events culminate in three key events; Head of the River rowing regatta, Interschool Athletics Carnival and the Interschool Swimming Carnival.