College Leadership

The College Board was established in 1987 in order to meet the day-to-day responsibilities of the rapidly expanding school. The Board was renamed as the School Advisory Council in 2021 and contributes to the forming of policy, planning future developments and financial management.

Aquinas College is a member of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) and works collaboratively with EREA through our School Advisory Council. The Council is responsible for the oversight of faithfulness to the College Charter and EREA Touchstones, strategic and master planning, capital works, budgeting and implementation of major school and EREA policies. The Council also oversees compliance with EREA Risk Policy and procedures.

2023 School Advisory Council
College Direction and Strategic Plan
Academic Performance Review

2023 School Advisory Council

  • Mr Jonathan Murray ('90) - Chairman
  • Mr Clive Bingwa ('93)
  • Mr Tim Blackadder
  • Mr Chad Dixon
  • Mrs Deborah Hegarty
  • Mr Todd Paterson (’95)
  • Mrs Lara Syed
  • Mrs Julie Wolseley
  • Mr Rob Henderson ('79) - Principal
  • Mr Duncan Warlters - Deputy Principal

College Direction and Strategic Plan

The College Strategic Plan seeks to integrate a cyclical model for school development. Focused on personal, professional and community growth and engagement across all College touchpoints, the 2021 - 2023 plan is underpinned by evidence and made with consultation of the National School improvement tool.

Academic Performance Review

Our philosophy to learning fosters a culture of academic excellence through enthusiasm, varied learning techniques and a focus on continual improvement. We've found that boys achieve academic success when they are challenged, empowered and encouraged to take responsibility for their learning. While subject-specific knowledge and understanding are crucial, it is equally important that boys are given the opportunity to develop core life skills such as creativity, critical thinking and communication. At Aquinas College, we are committed to providing academic pathways that suit the needs and desires of the individual student.

Below you will find recent academic results and performance reports.