One of the strengths of Aquinas is our diverse and innovative curriculum which provides a range of learning opportunities.

Our programs for boys deliver a comprehensive mix of core academic and extra-curricular activities to equip your son with the knowledge, skills and values required to succeed in life and become an outstanding global citizen.

The College also has dedicated Curriculum Support staff to assist students experiencing difficulties with literacy or numeracy. For the more academically gifted, the Academic Scholar Program focuses on expanding cultural and academic horizons, hosted by guest lecturers and experts in their fields.

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Junior School
Middle School
Senior School

Junior School

A boy’s first experience with formal education is crucial; it can shape both how he views himself and his attitude to schooling.

Our Early Years teaching philosophy is based on exploration and discovery in a supportive, enriching environment. The Early Years Learning Framework is embedded in all that we do.

Boys need to be engaged, they love to construct, discover, experiment, manipulate and question.

Colour, texture, sight and sound are all key elements that contribute to your son’s learning. And while it may appear to be fun and games, he will be developing vital skills like critical thinking, literacy, numeracy, respect and responsibility.

Our Junior School program for Year 4-6 provides an exciting boy-friendly experience.

Our emphasis on literacy and numeracy ensures boys have a foundation for the challenging middle and senior school years ahead. To help your son discover his passions and talents, he will also receive specialist teaching in Visual Art, Languages, Music, STEM and Physical Education.

Boys thrive with structure and routine. We make sure boys know what is expected from them and we help them take responsibility for their own learning. In this way, they develop independence, initiative and self-confidence within a safe, secure environment.

We also recognise young boys have energy to burn; they need lots of room to move, play and explore. Our beautiful grounds and ovals give boys space and freedom to learn and grow in an open, unrestricted environment.

To access our Targeted Teaching document for further information regarding how programs are delivered and differentiated to support boys, please click here.

We are very excited to announce that we now offer Pre-Kindergarten learning at Aquinas. Click here for the information pack.

Middle School

The Middle School delivers a comprehensive academic program for all Year 7-9 students.

It offers teaching and learning opportunities that equip students with knowledge, skills and values that last a lifetime.

Whilst the majority of academic time is spent in the core learning areas of English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science and Religious Education, we believe in providing a breadth of educational experiences.

Boys will have the opportunity to develop new skills and passions through study in the Arts, Languages, Health & Physical Education and Technologies. We believe this breadth of study enhances students’ abilities to become outstanding global citizens of the 21st century, with a strong focus on the 5 Cs (character, collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity).

Interwoven into the academic program is a strong emphasis on building good character in each student and equipping them with skills that will assist them in navigating the senior years and beyond.

Senior School

While Aquinas has a rich history, our Aquinas myFUTURE framework uses a blended learning model to carefully mix an industrial model of education with the flexibility required for life-long learners in the 21st Century. We have adapted to the current needs of the tertiary sector and future of work to provide your son with a more relevant education with greater breadth and depth.

A Year 11 student entering the Aquinas myFUTURE program has the choice between six pathways which may see them study at university, TAFE or enter a pre-apprenticeship, whilst having the choice of over thirty-five Western Australian Certificate of Education approved courses on campus. The Aquinas myFUTURE pathways offer a unique opportunity for students to gain both the skills required for future learning and engage in activities, such as professional internships to develop direction towards their careers.

Exciting news! Aquinas' Junior School is expanding to offer Pre-Kindergarten(Three Year Old Program), and we are delighted to welcome Brianna Kirkbride, who brings 20 years of experience to nurture and support our youngest students. We can't wait to welcome our first Pre-Kindergarten class from Semester Two 2024!

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