Aquinas College Community

The Aquinas community is much larger than staff and students. Parents, guardians, Alumni and friends of the College are regularly encouraged to engage, connect and be involved with College activities. In fact, the exceptional facilities around the grounds are largely due to the continued physical and financial support of our committed community members. There are many ways to get involved at Aquinas.

Old Aquinians’ Association

Friendships at Aquinas often continue long after leaving the College environment. Visit the Old Aquinans' page to learn more.

Aquinas Care

Aquinas Care offers assistance to those within our community during times of need. Care is provided by volunteers in the form of meals. We aim to maintain the highest level of respect and discretion while offering aid where needed.

Aquinas Foundation

The Aquinas College Foundation plays an important role in providing students with the best possible learning and teaching environment, as well as offering bursaries to students with genuine financial need and unlimited potential.

Holy Ground Coffee Van

When is a coffee not just a cup of coffee? When it's a Holy Ground Coffee. Learn how this little red van supports the Aquinas community.

Business Network

Aquinas is proud to support Old Boy and family businesses. In our Family Business Network, you will find a wide range of local services, goods and suppliers.

Mount Henry Peninsula

One of the last remaining natural undeveloped bushland areas in the Swan/Canning river basin. Students play an active role in its care. Learn more.

The Chapel of St Thomas Aquinas

The award-winning Chapel of St Thomas Aquinas is available to Old Aquinians’ for weddings, baptisms and funerals. For more information, contact Aquinas Events.

Parent Groups

Aquinas is lucky to have a number of parent and guardian focused groups that host events and provide opportunities to volunteer throughout the year.

We recognise that parents are the most influential teachers in a student's life and that sending your children to school can feel a little like you're missing out on something important. It is integral to the College that you feel connected to the community and so we offer many opportunities - outside of social media and College updates - to become involved. Groups like the Parent Support Group, P&F Association and Ladies Auxiliary also provide inclusive events to get together with other families, as well as opportunities to volunteer at the College throughout the year.