Old Aquinians' Association (OAA)

The Old Aquinians' Association (OAA) is a group of past College students who work to connect alumni and the College.

First founded in 1938, the association plays an important role within the Aquinas community - preserving relationships, contributing to College life and infrastructure and guiding and assisting current and recently graduated students. In a further effort to give back, the OAA support a bursary each year, allowing an underprivileged student the opportunity to attend Aquinas College.

Alongside the College, the OAA conduct a schedule of reunions, networking and social events throughout the year.

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OAA News

Old Aquinian members receive a physical FISH magazine a few times a year with information about the College and their fellow graduates. Members also receive an e-newsletter, The Sardine, to keep them up to date with upcoming events and information about the College and fellow alumni.

Alumni Features

Men who make a difference. Read more about our notable alumni.

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Sporting Associations

Through the Old Aquinians' Association, the College is affiliated with numerous sporting associations. These groups allow past Aquinas students, and their families, to stay connected through sport as well as develop new relationships.