Michael Perrott

Class of 1963 Michael Delaney Perrott’s family history and that of Aquinas College are inextricably linked. His father Thomas was... Read More

Capt. William Thomas Bryan

Class of 1898 (1881-1917) William Thomas Bryan was the first boy to be enrolled at CBC Perth. He was one... Read More

Emil Nulsen

Class of 1903 (1885-1965) Emil Nulsen came to Christian Brothers’ College at the turn of the 20th century and became... Read More

Peter Spencer

Class of 1973 Peter Spencer spent seven years at Aquinas College before embarking on a stellar award-winning career on the... Read More

John McAnearney

Class of 2003 John’s outstanding success at Aquinas College was fuelled by a combination of ability and determination. He says:... Read More

LCpl Herbert Johansen Appel

(1891- 1917) Class of 1911 Lance Corporal Herbert Johansen (HJ) Appel was another young, brilliant Aquinian who paid the ultimate... Read More

Dr John Wood

Class of 1969 John Cunningham Wood is the son of hard working parents who were forced to leave school to... Read More

Hon. Eric Heenan QC

Class of 1962 Aquinas College has been responsible for educating a high proportion of the country’s judiciary over the past... Read More