Peter Durack

(1926-2008) Class of 1942 From the playing fields of Aquinas to becoming the “father of the Australian Senate”, Peter Durack’s... Read More

Justin Langer

Class of 1987 Justin Langer showed his talent as a left-handed batsman early on the field at Aquinas. By no... Read More

Tom Cullity

(1925-2008) Class of 1941 Thomas was a great all-rounder from an Aquinas family dynasty. Emerging from Aquinas as Dux of... Read More

Martin John Troy

(1891-1962) Class of 1908 Martin excelled at Christian Brothers’ in the early part of the last century. His life contains... Read More

JJ (Jack) Savage

(1897-1948) Class of 1909 JJ or Jack Savage was by anyone’s measure an outstanding all-rounder who came up through the... Read More

Geoff Gibbs

(1940-2006) Class of 1957 Geoff Gibbs arguably became the father of the Performing Arts in Western Australia. His own acting... Read More

Bishop Michael Morrissey

Class of 1969 Born on Noongall Sheep Station in Yalgoo near Geraldton as the first boy, but second of five... Read More

Alaric Pinder Boor

(1892-1917) Class of 1912 Alaric Pinder Boor, son of a draper from Carnarvon, was a giant amongst men in nearly... Read More