Aquinas myFUTURE

Students will attend regular classes at the College Monday through Thursday. On Friday, students are offered the opportunity to personalise their learning journey with one of six pathway options:

ATAR Pathway

  • ATAR+ – Adding short course opportunities.
  • uniPATH – The broader road to university.
  • combinedPATH – Combining study with practical skills.

Industry & Enterprise Pathway


  • uniREADY – Keeping the window to university options open through alternative entrance means.
  • industryPATH – Learn the hands-on skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the industry area, job or occupation of your choice.
  • workPATH – Experience hands-on learning in a range of jobs or occupations that interest you and your future goals.



ATAR+ is one of the three pathway options given to Senior School students under the myFUTURE program.

Under the ATAR+ pathway, students can sign-up for various short courses in order to gain qualifications, learn life skills or involve themselves in service activities.

Depending on the nature of these courses, there may be an additional cost to parents. Courses include:

  • Presentations from university and industry representatives and guest speakers.
  • Education – careers, study skills, finance, digital passport creation and landscaping.
  • Service Learning as an academic mentor in the Junior or Middle school or through Middle School sport.
  • MOOC Courses (Massive Open Online Courses) in an area of interest or future study.
  • Qualifications by external providers such as white card, drone licence, barista training etc.
  • Wellness – including personal development, wellbeing, fitness.

As an example, if your son is tossing up between studying Sports Science or becoming a PE teacher, with ATAR+ he can use Fridays to undertake further study opportunities and gain work experience as a coach and assistant PE teacher to help him decide.


uniPATH is one of three pathway options available to Senior School students under the myFuture program. It is a valuable accompaniment to a university application with the possibility of an early offer being extended.

With direct links to the University of Notre Dame (UNDA) and the University of Western Australia (UWA), students have the opportunity to kickstart their tertiary education by completing Notre Dames Integrated Core Curriculum through our Logos partnership with UNDA, or by undertaking the Cambridge Independent Research Project (IPQ) in partnership with UWA.

uniPATH students are encouraged to undertake an internship in a field of interest to complement their studies, calendared between the student’s school and uniPATH commitments.

In preparation for both the Logos and Cambridge IPQ pathways, uniPATH students complete a Research Skills and Methods unit in Term 1 facilitated by staff from UNDA. Time in this unit will be used for an induction to the expectations of tertiary learning environments, an introduction to research methods and ethical scholarship, whilst the learning and assessment activities have been designed to augment their organisation, self-management, critical thinking and communication skills.


combinedPATH is one of three pathway options given to Senior School students under the myFUTURE program. It allows students the opportunity to gain TAFE certifications or undertake a traineeship alongside their ATAR studies.

Students who choose the combinedPATH program will select at least four ATAR courses and choose one activity from the following:

  • Alternative university entrance pathway
  • Industry specific qualifications (Certificate II-IV at TAFE)
  • Workplace Learning (INSTEP)
  • School based traineeship

As an example, if your son is interested in becoming a plumber, but he also has aspirations of running his own business one day, the combinedPATH program means he can gain a traineeship in plumbing while studying ATAR classes that will help him with his goals and allow him to gain university entry if he so wishes.


uniREADY is suited to students wishing to keep their university options open while concentrating on gaining skills and certifications. The pathway requires the completion of two ATAR classes and a Certificate III and IV in Business or Fitness.

Completing a Certificate III level qualification in Year 11 will set the foundation for students to be successful and meet the demands and rigour of a Certificate IV level qualification in Year 12. English ATAR is essential for the Business stream while students are flexible to select English ATAR or General for the Fitness stream. A Certificate IV level qualification is the minimum requirement for university entry together with English competency.


industryPATH grants students the opportunity to gain industry-specific training through the completion of relevant qualifications and workplace learning. Following this path allows for significant employability upon graduation.

Students who choose the industryPATH will select four non-ATAR classes and a choice of:

  • Completing a pre-apprenticeship
  • Obtaining a school-based traineeship
  • Undergoing a VET qualification through TAFEWA

For example, if your son has a passion for vehicles – the bigger the better. He’s determined to work in the automotive industry, specialising in vehicles used for mining, agriculture or transport. By undertaking a Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation, your son will learn the basics he needs to gain a pre-apprenticeship within the industry.


workPATH is the perfect option for students who have no clue what they want to do with their lives and want to have a taste of all of the opportunities out there. Over the course of Year 11 and 12, workPATH students have the option to conduct workplace learning at four different locations across various industries, including:

  • Automotive Industries
  • Business & Financial Services
  • Community Services & Health
  • Construction Industries
  • Creative Industries
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Primary Industries
  • Sport & Recreation

Aquinas College has teamed with INSTEP West in order to assist in finding placement opportunities.

To complete this endorsed program, a student works in one or more real workplace/s to develop a set of transferable workplace skills. The student must record the number of hours completed and the tasks undertaken in the workplace in the Authority’s Workplace Learning Logbook. The student must also provide evidence of his/her knowledge and understanding of the workplace skills by completing the Authority’s Workplace Learning Skills Journal after every 55 hours completed in the workplace. In total, students must complete 110 hours over a semester.

As an example, your son may be interested in vehicles and enjoy creating things in metalwork. By choosing the workPATH option, he can try his hand at various careers featuring these skills – giving him a better idea of what he is passionate about.