Schola Choir

Musically gifted students may be admitted to the Junior or Middle School as Music Scholars each year for a specialist musical education, including instrumental tuition.

Some of the boys are admitted as choristers and sing in the Schola Choir.

Students are selected on the basis of their musical aptitude and general ability and are required to take part in musical and choral activities arranged outside normal school hours, including weekends and holidays.

All Music Scholars are required to learn one musical instrument at the school and most will be expected to learn a second instrument.

Tuition is arranged by the school and tuition fees are not charged for the first instrument or, in the case of choristers, for individual voice training. Students are required to follow the programme of practice set by their tutors, to take part in ensemble work, to attend rehearsals and to undertake the practice required for rehearsals.

Music Scholars are provided with a specialist curriculum consisting of Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, Technology, Arts, Geography, History, Music, Italian, Physical Education, Swimming and, in the fifth and sixth years, Latin.

This places students in a unique position to explore this form of specialist education and to contribute to the development of traditional liturgical music by training boys within the context of a living tradition and liturgy.

The Schola Choir sings at Mass every weekend in term time and at other Masses and services during and outside term, both in the College Chapel and parishes across Western Australia.