Junior School Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021

JPSSA Interschool Athletics 2021

The JPSSA Athletics Carnival was held on Thursday 9th September at the W.A Athletics Stadium. The day was filled with excitement, great sportsmanship and the Aquinas students showed great character in all events. Unfortunately, poor weather led to High Jump and Hurdles for all years being cancelled – replaced by a 60m dash.

A few special mentions must be given:

Division 1

  • Discus - 1st Place James Panton
  • Long Jump – 2nd Place Troy Warner

Division 2

  • 400m – 1st Place Ceejay Feast
  • Discus – 1st Place Thomas Van Dyk
  • Long Jump – 1st Place Nicholas Masiello

Division 3

  • 100m & 200m – 1st Place Lincoln Mathanda

Honourable mentions to our other top competitors on the day must go to Troy Warner and Luca Zoiti who displayed their athletic ability competing in multiple events at a high level across the day.

Congratulations and well done to all boys who represented the College and gave it their all on the day. Thank you to all the staff members and parents for your help and support. Lastly, a big thank you must go to James McPherson, the Senior School staff members and the rest of the athletics coaches at the College for giving up their time to coach the boys on Monday afternoons in preparation for the carnival.

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Junior School Tuesday, 07 Sep 2021

Trueman Wins Gold

Over the weekend Year 5 student, Matthew Trueman, competed in the Swimming WA Junior Short Course Championship.

Matthew competed in multiple events and walked away with:

  • Gold 50m Backstroke
  • Gold 100m Backstroke
  • Gold 200m Backstroke
  • Gold 4 x 50m Boys Freestyle Relay
  • Gold 4 x 50m Boys Medley Relay
  • Silver 4 x 50m Mixed Relay
  • Bronze 200m Freestyle
  • Bronze 50m Butterfly

Aquinas College would like to congratulate Matthew on his outstanding achievements.

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Junior School Wednesday, 25 Aug 2021

Angelico Prize 2021

Year 4 students entered an artwork titled ‘1 Million Little Pieces’ into the Angelico Awards for 2021.

These students won 1st prize for the group submission section.

This was a drawing and sculptural project. Consisting of 5 drawings of the earth from above, (to tie in with the year 4 theme of land formations). Then producing 9 small re-cycled sculptures inspired by their drawings, and the artist Vik Muniz. This ties in our 9x5 overarching theme for our JS Exhibition. Roman Mondello collected the Award on behalf of the Aquinas Junior School.

9 students were part of this entry.

  • Hugh Franklin 4W
  • Luca Zoiti 4W
  • Arman Malyniak 4B
  • Cruz Cooke 4B
  • Joseph O’Neil 4B
  • Thomas Van Dyk 4R
  • Cruz Monzu 4R
  • Taj Humble 4R
  • Roman Mondello 4R

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Senior School Friday, 30 Jul 2021

Why a school for boys?

While young men and boys can and do excel in many types of educational institutions, schools for boys focus with intention on learning that addresses not only how to excel in academics but also how to grow into a young man of integrity and empathy.

In engaging and supportive single-sex environments, students explore their values and establish a foundation for making responsible decisions; they explore their own definitions of self, who they are and who they want to become; they learn to forge healthy relationships; they step out of their comfort zone to explore their full potential.

They are preparing for their roles in a globally connected world.

Here’s how that happens.

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Junior School Tuesday, 29 Jun 2021

Humpty Dumpty’s Revenge

Humpty Dumpty went on a stroll
When he found an extremely tall wall
He noticed that he had some spare time
So he started to climb and climb

He sat down and noticed how high
He was very worried and started to cry
He wailed and wailed and started to tip
And suddenly… trip!

He fell and fell at a dangerous speed
He started to pray and plead
Then he went splat on the ground
And waited ‘til he could be found

All these weird businessmen
Couldn’t make him better again
They grabbed some clay and flex tape
And they started to reshape

He didn’t look like an egg anymore
He looked like a drawer plus a door
He got a wrecking ball
To get revenge on that very tall wall

His enemy came down to the floor
It doesn’t stand anymore
He grabbed all the bricks to make a house
Which he sold to a person named Jouse

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Junior School Tuesday, 29 Jun 2021

Books and Boys

Dads Reading Morning

A big thank you to the many dads who came along and shared stories and books with the boys at our Dads Reading Morning in Week 7 this term. This event is a favourite for our community each year. The enjoyment we see in the boys as they so happily welcome their dads and meet up with the dads of their friends and classmates is something we all very much look forward to. We are fortunate to have a strong reading culture in the Junior School, and we are grateful to all the wonderful role models the boys have to learn from.

Speak Up Challenge

A huge congratulations to the 58 boys who participated in the Junior School Speak Up Challenge this year. Your dedication and commitment to the process was outstanding. You should each feel very proud of yourselves for your achievement. Our volunteer judges, Mr Brian Tonkin and Mr Michael Hanrahan enjoyed the experience very much and loved the variety of speeches and the speaking skills of the boys.

Thank you also to Matteo Conte and Matthew Vinci (Year 10) who came down to the Junior School and gave us some excellent advice and answered many questions we had.

Five students have or will be participating in various interschool competitions. Congratulations and all the very best to Christopher Chan (6W), Joey Lee (6R), Alexander Peca (6B), Mitchell Rae (6W), Nathan Veitch (6B), Ollie Baumwol (Y3), and Ashton Rae (Y3).



Speech Title

Julian Arevalo Ballestas


The light and dark stones

Ollie Baumwol


My special family

Maxime Blackadder


Sport is the best!

Elijah Fitzgerald


To stop in space

Rohan Jenkins


Modern battle wars

Lennox Marston


Secret sharks

Daniel Mitten


Interesting facts about dinosaurs

Hunter Neesham


I have a wish

Ashton Rae


Are you ready for some fun?

Fionn Sao


The war against plastic

Jordan Trueman


Things that go bump in the dark

Ash Antonas


Tricks and more

Enrico De Santis


Is our world spinning out of control?

Riley Faulkner


The amazing NFL

Lincoln Mathanda


Covid through my 9-year-old eyes

Travis Vinac


English, Italian, are there any other languages?

Max Woods


Bearly bearable

Cristian Bianchini


My brotastic life

Alexander Chan


To pineapple or not

Aramis Landrigan


The deep planet

Thomas Van Dyk


The next earth, colonising Mars

Hugh Franklyn


The world of fantasy

Duy Pham


Cats versus dogs

Olaf Rijks


Nat Fyfe’s eye

Finlay Bower


Playing sport equals fit, happy, healthy kids

Tate Capararo


Dribble hard

Owen Hales



Benjamin Hartnett


Ballers are better

Grayson Marston


Books versus movies

Lucas Pilatti


Australia’s most popular sport

Thomas Swingler


The Golden Kookaburra

Pascoe Durtanovich


To be healthy as a whole, mental wellness plays a role

Marcello Goria


Friendship is real

Lachlan Harney


Graffiti should not be considered art

Brendon Karczub


Save the stress

Kale Thong


Education matters

Matthew Trueman


Women are expensive

Aiden Chan


Video games, the new teachers

Luke Dimasi


Our grandparents, our future

Jake Golding


World War 2, a sad war

Kai Jordan


Screenless gaming

Dylan Kildare


A hard time

Noah Myers


Berms, bumps, bruises but brilliant!

Alexander Peca


Peace out brussel sprout

Nathan Veitch


Global warming, what the world needs to know

Oskar Bromberger


Homework is history

Evan Hawke


The Rosy-lipped Batfish and friends

Eli Hickman


Seeing into the future

Joey Lee


Did you remember your mask?

Ari Malyniak


The man in the red bandana

Kha Pham


The national sport of Japan

Christopher Chan


Why first borns are the best

Eamon Franklyn


Vehicles through the ages

Jericho Landrigan


The graveyard of the Atlantic

Christian O’Neill


Is gaming really that bad for you?

Mitchell Rae


Such a waste of time

Artin Taghavi Adviehchi


The future era of Elhybrid cars

Troy Warner


Think twice about plastic

Chess Club and Tournament

Chess Club has begun in the Junior School Library on Mondays at lunchtime. If you are interested in signing up to take part in the Chess tournament next term, please register your interest with Mrs Bevan before Friday of Week One Term Three.

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