Junior School Monday, 29 Nov 2021

Christmas Advent Appeal 2021

This year’s Christmas Appeal remained focused on the needs of the poor and homeless who arrive at the various ‘Drop-In’ Centres in Perth as well as those who are sleeping rough. These Centres rely on donations of items to assist people with their personal needs as well as non-perishable food. This year our Junior School was extremely generous in providing a large variety of items that included food, toiletries, and toys.

With less short-term accommodation available due to the growing number of abandoned people, there is a need to look after those who suddenly find themselves with nothing. An increase in those with mental illnesses is also adding pressure to housing and emergency services.

All donations have now been collected by Vinnies allowing the season of Advent for distribution.

Thank you very much to families who got into the spirit of giving and generously supported the Christmas Appeal and to the Junior School Leaders who promoted and collected for this event. Thank you also to Mrs Bevan and Mrs Rive for assisting and monitoring the safe storage of items throughout the term.

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Junior School Thursday, 25 Nov 2021

Ignite: Young Leaders

I really loved doing all levels of Ignite Award. The main reason was because I got to do all the things I love doing like being outdoors and pushing myself to do fun and exciting things.

At level 4, I did an overnight hike on the Bibbulmun Track Foundation. This was my first ever time to stay overnight, and it was such an adventure. I even cooked my own dinner on the mini gas cooker. However, apart from all the adventures, I loved the volunteer bit best. I did various things to help, but my most rewarding was the beach clean ups. I really felt happy that I was doing my bit to not only clean up, but to know I was helping to save the ocean and helping the environment. I also got to learn about microplastics on one beach clean up, and now I know how much we need to do as people to stop plastic coming onto our beaches and our oceans.

At my school, I was asked to gave a talk at assembly about my achievements with Ignite. I wear my badges on my school uniform with pride.

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Junior School Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021

JS T4 Visual Arts

It seems as the end of every year approaches, we think ‘how did that happen, where did all that time go?’ And then taking a little time to reflect on all the activities the boys have been engaged in, we quickly realise there have been few periods of repose!

A quick look in the rear vision mirror reminds us we have embarked on investigations into aspects of Australian Art history through the 9 x 5 projects across the Junior School Art program, attempting to bring the Australian Impressionists into a more contemporary context. Local and international artists were employed in that endeavour, from Howard Taylor to the American Jasper Johns. Coincidentally one major artwork commemorating the recent reopening of the State Art Gallery is one of a local artist – Christopher Pease with work from his ‘Target’ series. In this series he quotes Jasper Johns’ work, demonstrating Art doesn’t happen in a vacuum, we must always be seeking a wider context, we inform others, they inform us.

As the Year 6 students prepare to depart the Junior School for the Middle School they have been working on some Steampunk self-portraits. They have had to consider shape and scale as they use mechanical imagery with a Victorian aesthetic in completing their design. In years to come, the Teck Deck self-portrait they have completed will hopefully act as a time capsule evoking memories of their time in Junior School.

Manipulating soaked cane into shapes reminiscent of the Marshall Islander’s Ocean-going maps has been the area of investigation for the Year 4’s; learning that the properties of tensile cane can be modified by soaking in water, shaped to the desired form, and left to dry maintaining the new form. The Year 4’s have borrowed techniques and materials used historically to make their own contemporary artworks.

The Year 3’s have been working on colour, using a colour wheel to help inform and guide their colour choices as they represent the Aquinas College Campus viewed from Google Earth. It has been a joy to watch the myriad colour combinations so enthusiastically explored!

Wearing safety goggles has been a novelty for the Year 5’s as they use soft Aluminium wire to represent tools, hand tools and power tools. Drawing in 3D using wire as line provided a suitable challenge, the students having to problem solve how to depict a substantial volume using an insubstantial material!

Exploring negative and positive space inspired by the artist Sarah Robey and her painted artworks has been the focus of the Year 2’s. They have experimented using 9 different media to produce 1 painted piece interpreting the Art Element Space.

Inspired by African Mud Cloth, the Year 1 students are exploring Shape, Pattern, Repetition. They are exploring different painting techniques to produce a single painting on cloth.

One of the last major events on the College Calendar is the Senior School Art Exhibition, this year once again including Design and Technology and Media and the Junior School. For the Junior School, the exhibition is doubly poignant. The younger students are always so excited to see the work and ideas embodied in the work of the older students. But for us the Junior School teachers, we see bygone students doing amazing work, extending and developing in ways inconceivable when we saw them in Year 5 for example!

Once again, the Jacaranda Trees are in full bloom across the campus, bejewelling the trees in soft mauve, this heralds the end of the year, and what a year it has been!

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Junior School Friday, 19 Nov 2021

State Schools Western Australia Interschool Triathlon

The State School Western Australia Interschool Triathlon was held on Friday 5th of November at Champion Lakes Regatta Centre. The event included a 200m swim, 6km cycle and 2km run in which we entered two Year Six teams into B Division and two Year Five teams into C Division. This was the first time the Aquinas Junior School has entered the competition which saw great success. Both Year 6 teams finished 1st and 2nd respectively in what was a fantastic performance by our boys on the day, with our Year Five teams showing great grit to finish 6th and 20th respectively. Some key highlights were an impressive swim leg from Eli Hickman to give his team the lead which was matched by an outstanding bike leg by Christopher Chan to see his team in the clear transitioning into the run leg.

Year 6 (B Division)

  • 1st Place – Finn Marsden, Christopher Chan and William Rusbatch
  • 2nd Place – Eli Hickman, Alexander Peca and Lewis McLernon

Year 5 (C Division)

  • 6th Place – Finlay Bower, Benjamin Hartnett and Will O’Hehir
  • 20th Place – Matthew Trueman, Owen Hales and Jack Delic

Thank you to all parents for the support and efforts on the day in getting your son to and from the venue. Thanks also to Mr Kieran Ducey for his work and assistance in getting the boys ready for their race on the day.

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Junior School Friday, 19 Nov 2021

Year 3 Basketball Carnival

On Thursday the 11th of November, the Year 3 students competed in their final carnival of the year in conjunction with Christ Church Grammar School and Hale School. The basketball carnival held at Willetton Basketball Stadium was a fantastic event for the boys to showcase their skills that they had been working on throughout Term 4 during Thursday afternoon Sport with Mr Ryan Alciaturi and Mr Mitchell Henderson. Some highlights included a 3-pointer from Louis Lynch, strong efforts from Jamie Lim and a fantastic willingness from Ashton Rae to always make his teammates around him better.

Special thanks to our Middle School helpers for umpiring and assisting boys from all schools throughout the afternoon.

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Junior School Wednesday, 10 Nov 2021

Becoming a Man

During Term 4 the Year 6’s have been working through various transition activities as we move from Junior School to Middle School. One of these activities was having The Centre for Life, Marriage and Family-Family Life Education team come and speak to parents and to the Year 6 boys about ‘Becoming a Man’.

There are a lot of changes going on in our lives as we come to the end of the Junior School journey. We were able to look into and discuss these changes during our student sessions. During these sessions, we discussed life before birth, physical and emotional change, hormonal change, hygiene practices, forming healthy friendships and girls changing too.

We found that this program linked well with our Religion, Health and Character Education classes. Both our presenters made it really easy to understand and feel comfortable with the changes and with the uniqueness of how God created us. Respecting others and especially ourselves during this time will remain important throughout our time here at Aquinas.

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Junior School Monday, 08 Nov 2021

Yr 1 Safety School

This week the Year 1 class enjoyed a fantastic excursion to the Constable Care Safety School. The safety school is a purpose-built facility that includes a realistic layout of Perth’s streets. The boys had lots of practical opportunities to learn pedestrian, bicycle and public transport safety skills and especially loved stopping their bikes at the ‘real’ train boom gates.

The boys learnt many interesting facts:

  • Did you know that you should be 145cm tall before you no longer need to sit in a booster seat?
  • Children shouldn’t sit in the front seat because the airbags can break their noses, give them concussions, or even cause suffocation.
  • You are only meant to go ONE WAY around a roundabout!

The boys are now busy making posters to share some important safety messages, beginning with bike safety. Keep an eye out for them around the school!

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Junior School Friday, 05 Nov 2021

JS House Triathlon 2021

On 28th October, the Junior School hosted their House Triathlon Carnival. We were lucky enough to have outstanding weather on the day, blue skies and sunshine. Competing in ideal conditions, all boys from Year Three to Six were involved in either an individual or team event. The carnival allowed the boys to display resilience, perseverance, determination and teamwork. It’s no easy feat competing in such a challenging event!

The boys competed with great spirit, enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Points wise, the carnival was very close all day. Quinlan House was victorious at the end of the day and claimed the trophy ahead of Redmond House.

Congratulations to the following boys and teams who were named Champions and Runners-up for their year level.

Year 3

  • Individual
 Champion: Maxime Blackadder (Egan)
  • Runner-up: Jordan Trueman (Redmond)
  • Team
 Champion: Kaelan Flodin, Nathaniel Whiting, Aryav Lepcha Harrison D'Souza
  • Runner-up: Elijah Fitzgerald, Daniel Mitton, Jamie Lim

Year 4

  • Individual 
Champion: Lincoln Mathanda (Quinlan)
  • Runner-up: Kirby Mincham (Egan)
  • Team 
Champion: Cruz Cooke, Christian Bianchini, Frederic Argall (Egan and Clune)
  • Runner-up: Isaac Wake, James Hawke, Zayd Zabaneh (Quinlan)

Year 5

  • Individual 
Champion: Matthew Trueman (Redmond)
  • Runner-up: Jack Delic (Quinlan)
  • Team
 Champion: Tate Capararo, William Zhu, Willoughby Cacho (Egan and Quinlan)
  • Runner-up: William Philip, Zane Griffiths, Rafael Ponferrada (Redmond)

Year 6

  • Individual
 Champion: Eli Hickman (Egan)
  • Runner-up: Christopher Chan (Redmond)
  • Team
 Champion: Luke Norman, Andrew Crawford, Kha Pham (Egan)
  • Runner-up: Aiden Chan, Daniel Kennett, Zac Keeley (Egan and Clune)

Final Points

  • Quinlan - 196
  • Redmond - 187
  • Egan - 163
  • Clune - 143

Thank you to all staff members, ground staff, ICT staff, Kate Spencer and the Middle School volunteers for all of your help and support on the day. Special thanks to Mr James McPherson for his efforts in preparation for the carnival as well as his efforts on the morning of the carnival in crows set up. This event would not have been possible without the support of this amazing team. Thank you to all of the parents of our competitors; the boys were prepared, organised and enthusiastic! This doesn’t happen without the behind-the-scenes work from our Aquinas College families.

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Junior School Monday, 01 Nov 2021

Clean Up Australia with JS

St Teresa of Calcutta, Br Olly Pickett and Fred Hollows were some role models we looked at in CHED over the last couple of weeks. They were great leaders of what it means to serve and help others. As part of our service topic in we cleaned up the entire campus, including along the river to stop pollution from entering the water.

An engine, a snake and plenty of sports equipment were a few items of interest found along the way last Friday afternoon. It really was the perfect afternoon for our PP – 6 boys to do their bit to further enhance the privileged environment we come to learn and have fun each day.

Really impressed by the great job our boys did in continuing their little bit to serve our community.

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