Junior School Thursday, 30 Jun 2022

Creative Moves Dance Concert

During Term 2, the Early Years boys from Kindergarten to Year Three have been taking part in a creative dance program that culminated in a wonderful performance from each class last week.

Weekly dance workshops were linked to topics and themes from all areas of the curriculum; including Mathematics and the Aboriginal Seasons. Rachael from Creative Moves Dance, gave the boys the opportunity to explore their academic learning in a multi-sensory and creative way. Students were able to contribute their ideas to the choreography and have the opportunity to plan a routine collaboratively, enhancing their creative and critical thinking skills.

The Kindy class opened the show with a dance called ‘Mathomagic’. They created a dance making shapes and demonstrating the concepts of under, over, around and through.

Our Pre-Primary boys dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 and performed a Dr Seuss dance, followed by the Year Ones who created a dance based on the jobs they wanted in the future. The Year 2 class took us to a jungle scene where students on safari got to dance with jungle animals. The Noongar Seasons were represented beautifully by the Year three class who took us through each season using movement and cleverly crafted vignettes.

Congratulations to all of our creative dancers!

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Junior School Thursday, 30 Jun 2022

STEM Challenge Day

In Week 10, a group of Year 5 and 6 students were selected to attend the Perth Science and Engineering Discovery Day, at Claremont Showgrounds. The full day event, presented by the University of Newcastle in cooperation with MACA, Worley, WML Consultants saw the students participate in a series of engineering tasks, from bridge building and Mars rover testing to power grid studies and code breaking. They were required to read an information packet, design using a specific set of constraints, build their own model and then test, all whilst scoring points for their team.

The event allowed for the students to work on some real-world engineering projects under the supervision of actual engineers who had volunteered their time to guide and inspire the next generation of workers. The students had an amazing day and were thrilled with their designs and efforts. They can’t wait to participate in the program next year.

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Junior School Tuesday, 28 Jun 2022

Public Speaking Workshop

Former Junior School students and current College prefects, Ashton Teixeira and Kurtis Tanna have provided outstanding mentorship and expertise in our recent Public Speaking workshop. Following our annual Junior School Speak Up Challenge, ten boys were selected to participate in the workshop. Held over two sessions, the mentors assisted the boys with their hook, content, gestures and their concluding sentence. It was amazing to see the Junior School boys so enthusiastic about developing their skills and taking on this valuable feedback. It was rewarding for the boys to see the growth and improvement they were able to make in a short period of time.

Once again, we extend our gratitude to Ashton and Kurtis for their mentorship. Congratulations to the following Junior School boys for their commitment and improvement demonstrated towards their public speaking skills;

Oliver Reed (3R)

Grayson Ahrens (4W)

Ollie Baumwol (4W)

Aramis Landrigan (5R)

Taj Humble (5R)

Luca Zoiti (5B)

Max Kucan (5B)

Brendon Karczub (6R)

Lewis Jayatilaka – Smith (6R)

Grayson Marston (6W)

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Junior School Wednesday, 18 May 2022

2022 Schools Chess League Competition

On Sunday the 15th of May, three students from Aquinas College attended the 2022 Schools Chess League Competition. Students were invited from the Year 4-6 Chess Club that takes place every Thursday in the Junior School. The students that represented the College were Jamie Lim, Enrico De Santis and Spencer Whitfield. The boys achieved an incredible result, managing to secure 4th place out of 22 schools. The boys were gracious in victory and defeat and represented the College with pride. We are excited for the next competition which will take place on the 12th of July.

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Junior School Thursday, 12 May 2022

An Udderly Fun Day

On Tuesday 10 May, the K-3 boys had a rather exciting morning when Brownes Dairy visited the College to teach the boys all about how we get our milk! Along with Farmer Damian were Curly Sue (a Murray River Retriever) and Belinda (a jersey cow).

To start the morning, the boys got to play a game where they tasted various yogurts and tried to guess what the flavours were. After filling themselves with yogurt, the boys moved outside where they met Belinda the cow. Upon meeting Belinda, the boys started firing away their questions; "why does she have horns?", "why are her eyes so big?" and "how old is Belinda?". The highlight of the day for the boys was getting a turn at milking the cow!

A huge thanks to Brownes Dairy for coming out to show out K-3 boys how we get our milk! The boys all had an udderly great time!

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Junior School Thursday, 12 May 2022

Junior School House Cross Country

The Junior School House Cross Country Carnival was held on Thursday, 5th April on McMahon Oval. All students from Kindergarten to Year Six competed, with race distances ranging from 250m to 2.5km. The wind provided an issue on the day and the conditions made it tough for the competitors. However, all races were completed before the down pour. Additionally, it was great to see many of the teachers and Middle School student volunteers running with and supporting the boys throughout the carnival.

Final Points

1. Redmond 452 points

2. Clune 508 points

3. Egan 537 points

4. Quinlan 560 points

Congratulations to Redmond for being the Champion House and to the following boys who were named Champions and Runners-up for their year level.

Kindergarten & Pre-Primary
Champion: Darcy Smith (Quinlan)

Runner-up: Jack Rumenos (Clune)

Year 1
Champion: James Murphy (Quinlan)

Runner-up: William Richter (Redmond)

Year 2
Champion: Beau Smith (Quinlan)

Runner-up: Lewis Hales (Clune)

Year 3
Champion: Ben Sprigg (Redmond)

Runner-up: Ashton Smales (Egan)

Year 4
Champion: Jordan Trueman (Redmond)

Runner-up: Grayson Ahrens (Redmond)

Year 5
Champion: Tyson Blakey (Clune) – New course record

Runner-up: Luca Zoiti (Redmond)

Year 6
Champion: Kane Peckham (Quinlan)

Runner-up: Will O’Hehir (Clune)

Special mention to Tyson Blakey who broke the Year 5 course record by a significant margin of 16-seconds. Congratulations on your outstanding achievement.

Congratulations and well done to all boys who represented their House and gave it their all on the day. The boys selected in the JPSSA Interschool Cross Country team will be competing at Aquinas College on Thursday, 23rd June and we wish those boys the best of luck.

Lastly, thank you to all staff members, ground staff, Holy Ground Coffee, ICT staff, Middle School volunteers and Kate Spencer for all your help and support on the day.

Nathan Eaton
Junior School Sport Coordinator

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Junior School Tuesday, 05 Apr 2022

A Wild Encounter

On Tuesday 5 April 2022, the Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and Year 1 boys were treated to an exciting Australian wildlife experience from the team at West Oz Wildlife who brought along some amazing creatures for the boys to learn about and interact with.

The boys learnt that a bobtail lizards favourite food is strawberries, what the safest way is to move away from a snake, and that dingoes can be yellow, black or white!

There were many brave (and some slightly frightened) faces among the groups as the big snakes were brought out. So many of the students even challenged themselves by holding a snake on their shoulders!

A huge thank you to the team at West Oz Wildlife for an amazing experience! I'm sure this is an incursion the boys will remember for a long time!

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Junior School Monday, 28 Mar 2022

Superstar Swimmers

Well done to Matthew and Jordan Trueman who competed in the 2022 Swimming WA Junior Long Course Championships over the weekend! Jordan received a Bronze for the 9 Year Old 200m Freestyle while Matthew received Gold in the 10 Year Old 50m Backstroke, 100m Backstroke and 200m Backstroke, Silver in the 10 Year Old 200m Individual Medley, 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle, 200m Freestyle and 100m Butterfly, and Bronze for the 10 Year Old 50m Butterfly! Another huge congratulations to Year 7 Eli Hickman who came home with 6 Gold and 4 Silver medals and was named a 'performer of the meet'. Way to go, boys! 🥇🥈🥉

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Junior School Tuesday, 15 Mar 2022

JPSSA Swimming Carnival

The JPSSA Swimming Carnival was held on Thursday 10th March at HBF Stadium. It was a successful event with many outstanding performances - Aquinas placed fifth overall.

Some special mentions to Matthew Trueman and Spencer Whitfield who were in A Division for all races possible for their respective age group and competed strongly. Zac Brockhurst and Jordan Trueman also battled hard for some podium finishes individually, with Miles Auld finishing strong in the Year 4 C Division Backstroke event to claim first place.

Congratulations and well done to all boys who represented the College and displayed great sportsmanship and effort on the day. Thank you to all staff members including Chris Twomey and James McPherson for all of your help and support on the day.

Nathan Eaton
Junior School Sport Coordinator

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