On Monday 8 May, sixteen selected students from Year 5 and 6 attended the Da Vinci Decathlon held at the University of WA. The two teams of eight showed outstanding perseverance, teamwork and patience with one another to complete the 10 rounds of questions throughout the day. A big congratulations to Team 1 who placed third in the ‘Code Breaking’ section and second in the ‘Cartography’ category.

Congratulations to the following students for your commitment and enthusiasm on the day and thank you for representing the College with distinction.

Team 1

  1. Owen Imms
  2. Myles Paton
  3. Arman Malyniak
  4. Aramis Landrigan
  5. James Hawke
  6. Declan D'Costa
  7. Aarav Sharma
  8. Ethan Dover

Team 2

  1. Julian Arevalo- Ballestas
  2. Grayson Ahrens
  3. Hunter Forzatti
  4. Ian Thomson
  5. Hunter Neesham
  6. Aiden Zaninovich
  7. Oscar Criddle
  8. Parker Brown

James McPherson

Assistant Principal 4-6