Middle School Thursday, 10 Nov 2022

School Sport WA 2022 All Schools Triathlon Championship

On Thursday the 3rd of November, Aquinas College entered twelve of our top placed triathletes from the recent middle school triathlon into the School Sport WA 2022 All Schools Triathlon Championship held at Champion Lakes. Barton Mincham (Yr 10) also raced in the event. The goal of the day was simply to expose a number of students to the sport of triathlon and hope that they enjoyed the experience and potentially to see if some may be interested in pursuing future events/races.

I was incredibly impressed with the attitude of the boys. It was a late decision to enter and with only several day’s notice, the boys jumped at the opportunity despite little to no experience in the sport. The distances (junior = 300m swim/ 11km bike/ 2km run & intermediate 600m swim/ 16km bike/ 4km run) were significantly longer than the house carnival where they qualified. This didn’t deter the boys nor did the fact that most of our students had mountain bikes and were racing in tee shirts, coming up against others on $5k time trial bikes in Australian race suits. I was incredibly proud of the boys efforts. They could have easily said no to the challenge but they approached the challenge with a positive attitude and mindset. I was thrilled to hear them all say that they enjoyed the race and would happily do another triathlon. They well and truly deserved the McDonalds feed on the way home!

Thanks to the parents who came down to support along with Mr Bryan Johnson, who gave up his morning to assist with the morning. Special thanks to David and Marrnie Mincham for the shared use of the tent and quality photos. Hopefully, next year we can organise a bigger team exposing more students to the sport of triathlon. Congratulations to the following boys for entering and racing a foreign sport to the very best of their ability.

Jett Abbott
Jake Arena
Thomas Backhouse
Xavier Bianchini
Christopher Chan (20th)
Oscar Coutts
Daniel Delic
Harrison Ganza
Kye Inferrera
Barton Mincham (6th)
Callum Redelinghuys
Bruce Weston
Hugh Wilkinson


Race Calendar

Written by James O'Neill
Director of Nunan Residence

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Junior School Tuesday, 08 Nov 2022

State Schools WA Primary Interschool Triathlon

The Western Australian Primary Interschool Triathlon was held on the Friday 4th of November at Champion Lakes Regatta Centre. The event included a 200m swim, 6km cycle and 2km run in which Aquinas College entered two Year Six and one Year Five team into ‘B’ Division, as well as one Year Five and one Year Four team into ‘C’ Division.


B Division

9th Place – Alexander Chan, Kirby Mincham and Luca Rechichi

10th Place – Thomas Swingler, Benjamin Hartnett and Will O’Hehir

11th Place – Nicko Kurmann, Brendon Karczub and Jack Delic

C Division

3rd Place – Spencer Whitfield, Lincoln Mathanda and Duke Danby

22nd Place – Jordan Trueman, Maxime Blackadder and Grayson Ahrens

A special mentioned to Kirby Mincham who competed in the individual Aquathlon, finishing in 20th place after he had competed in the team event for Aquinas.

Thank you to all parents for the support and efforts on the day in getting your son to and from the venue. Thanks also to Mrs Madeline Silvester for her work and assistance in getting the boys ready for their race on the day.

Nathan Eaton
Junior School Sport Coordinator

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Junior School Friday, 21 Oct 2022

JS House Triathlon

On 17th October, the Junior School hosted the House Triathlon Carnival. We were lucky enough to have outstanding weather on the day, blue skies and sunshine. Competing in ideal conditions, all boys from Year Three to Six were involved in either an individual or team event. The carnival allowed the boys to display resilience, perseverance, determination and teamwork. It’s no easy feat competing in such a tiring event!

The boys competed with great spirit, enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Points wise, it was close all day with Redmond House winning ahead of Quinlan House.

Redmond House made Junior School history, becoming the first House to win all four major Sporting carnivals in the calendar year.

Congratulations to the following boys and teams who were named Champions and Runners-up for their year level.

Year 3 - IndividualChampion: Ashton Smales (Egan)

Runner-up: Jeshua Landrigan (Redmond)

Year 3 - TeamChampion: Leo Stanbrook, Hugo Moore, Ezekiel Lowe, Louis Kurniawan (Redmond, Clune & Quinlan)

Runner-up: Timothy Middlemas, Stefan Lazarus, Jaiden Manning (Quinlan & Clune)

Year 4 - IndividualChampion: Jordan Trueman (Redmond)

Runner-up: Grayson Ahrens (Redmond)

Year 4 - TeamChampion: Lennox Marston, Bellin Lin, Fionn Sao (Quinlan, Redmond & Clune)

Runner-up: Ian Thomson, Levi Monzu, Daniel Mitton (Egan & Clune)

Year 5 - Individual Champion: Duke Danby (Egan) & Kirby Mincham (Egan)

Runner-up: Spencer Whitfield (Quinlan)

Year 5 - TeamChampion: Marc Sutisna, James Hawke & Patrick Kim (Quinlan)

Runner-up: Marc Sutisna, Harry Crommelin & Patrick Kim (Quinlan)

Year 6 - IndividualChampion: Will O’Hehir (Clune)

Runner-up: Brendon Karczub (Quinlan)

Year 6 - TeamChampion: Lachlan Hooper, Christopher Gasmier, Nathan Huynh (Quinlan & Redmond)

Runner-up: Lachlan Hooper, Rylan Prindiville, William Zhu (Quinlan & Redmond)

Congratulations to Ashton Smales who broke the Individual Year 3 record with a time of 13 minutes 35 seconds. Jordan Trueman also broke the Year 4 Individual record with a time of 15 minutes and 12 seconds – breaking the 2020 record set by his brother Matthew.

Final Points

  1. Redmond - 155
  1. Quinlan - 160
  1. Egan - 179
  1. Clune - 187

Thank you to all staff members, ground staff, ICT staff and the Middle School volunteers for all of your help and support on the day. This event would not have been possible without the support of this amazing team. Thank you to all of the parents of our competitors; the boys were prepared, organised and enthusiastic! This doesn’t happen without the behind-the-scenes work from our Aquinas College families.

Nathan Eaton
Junior School Sport Coordinator

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Junior School Friday, 16 Sep 2022

2022 JPSSA Athletics Carnival

The JPSSA Athletics Carnival was held on Thursday 8th September at the W.A Athletics Stadium. The day was filled with excitement, great sportsmanship and the Aquinas students showed great character in all events. Aquinas finished in fourth place for the day.

A few special mentions must be given:

  • Division 1
  • Year Four 100M - 1st Place Louis Lynch
  • Year Six High Jump – 2nd Place Nicholas Masiello
  • Year Five 4 x 100M Relay – 2nd Place
  • Division 2
  • Year Four 60M Hurdles – 2nd Place Maxime Blackadder
  • Year Four Shot Put – 2nd Place Grayson Ahrens
  • Year Five High Jump – 2nd Place Austin Sweeny
  • Year Five 200M – 2nd Place Tyson Blakey
  • Year Five Triple Jump – 2nd Place Luca Zoiti
  • Year Five 800M – 2nd Place Kirby Mincham
  • Division 3
  • 100M – 1st Place Maxime Blackadder

Honourable mentions to our other top competitors on the day must go to Grayson Ahrens, Luca Zoiti and Nicholas Masiello who displayed their athletic ability competing in multiple events at a high level across the day.

Congratulations and well done to all boys who represented the College and gave it their all on the day. Thank you to all the staff members and parents for your help and support. Lastly, a big thank you must go to Mrs Madeline Silvester, the Senior School staff members and the rest of the athletics coaches at the College for giving up their time to coach the boys on Wednesday afternoons in preparation for the carnival.

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Junior School Friday, 16 Sep 2022

Year 1 and 2 Soccer Carnival

The Year One and Two internal Soccer Carnival was held at Aquinas College on Thursday 15th September on Lynch Oval. The afternoon saw our students combine to play a round robin tournament. The afternoon allowed the boys to display their soccer skills that they had learnt throughout a 10-week program facilitated by junior Goals staff members.

Some students who showed great sportsmanship and great skill were Max Gordon, Lewis Hales, Loke Sandberg and Hayden McGarrigle. These students were highlighted by their coaches as they played fairly, helped others around them and displayed leadership qualities.

A huge thank you must go to the Rob De Azevedo and his Junior Goals staff members who trained the boys in the lead up to the event and assisted by coaching on the day as well as to Mrs McMillan, Miss Masarei, Miss Sweetman and Mr Iasenza for all their work in assisting the boys.

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Junior School Thursday, 12 May 2022

Junior School House Cross Country

The Junior School House Cross Country Carnival was held on Thursday, 5th April on McMahon Oval. All students from Kindergarten to Year Six competed, with race distances ranging from 250m to 2.5km. The wind provided an issue on the day and the conditions made it tough for the competitors. However, all races were completed before the down pour. Additionally, it was great to see many of the teachers and Middle School student volunteers running with and supporting the boys throughout the carnival.

Final Points

1. Redmond 452 points

2. Clune 508 points

3. Egan 537 points

4. Quinlan 560 points

Congratulations to Redmond for being the Champion House and to the following boys who were named Champions and Runners-up for their year level.

Kindergarten & Pre-Primary
Champion: Darcy Smith (Quinlan)

Runner-up: Jack Rumenos (Clune)

Year 1
Champion: James Murphy (Quinlan)

Runner-up: William Richter (Redmond)

Year 2
Champion: Beau Smith (Quinlan)

Runner-up: Lewis Hales (Clune)

Year 3
Champion: Ben Sprigg (Redmond)

Runner-up: Ashton Smales (Egan)

Year 4
Champion: Jordan Trueman (Redmond)

Runner-up: Grayson Ahrens (Redmond)

Year 5
Champion: Tyson Blakey (Clune) – New course record

Runner-up: Luca Zoiti (Redmond)

Year 6
Champion: Kane Peckham (Quinlan)

Runner-up: Will O’Hehir (Clune)

Special mention to Tyson Blakey who broke the Year 5 course record by a significant margin of 16-seconds. Congratulations on your outstanding achievement.

Congratulations and well done to all boys who represented their House and gave it their all on the day. The boys selected in the JPSSA Interschool Cross Country team will be competing at Aquinas College on Thursday, 23rd June and we wish those boys the best of luck.

Lastly, thank you to all staff members, ground staff, Holy Ground Coffee, ICT staff, Middle School volunteers and Kate Spencer for all your help and support on the day.

Nathan Eaton
Junior School Sport Coordinator

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Junior School Monday, 28 Mar 2022

Superstar Swimmers

Well done to Matthew and Jordan Trueman who competed in the 2022 Swimming WA Junior Long Course Championships over the weekend! Jordan received a Bronze for the 9 Year Old 200m Freestyle while Matthew received Gold in the 10 Year Old 50m Backstroke, 100m Backstroke and 200m Backstroke, Silver in the 10 Year Old 200m Individual Medley, 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle, 200m Freestyle and 100m Butterfly, and Bronze for the 10 Year Old 50m Butterfly! Another huge congratulations to Year 7 Eli Hickman who came home with 6 Gold and 4 Silver medals and was named a 'performer of the meet'. Way to go, boys! 🥇🥈🥉

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Junior School Tuesday, 15 Mar 2022

JPSSA Swimming Carnival

The JPSSA Swimming Carnival was held on Thursday 10th March at HBF Stadium. It was a successful event with many outstanding performances - Aquinas placed fifth overall.

Some special mentions to Matthew Trueman and Spencer Whitfield who were in A Division for all races possible for their respective age group and competed strongly. Zac Brockhurst and Jordan Trueman also battled hard for some podium finishes individually, with Miles Auld finishing strong in the Year 4 C Division Backstroke event to claim first place.

Congratulations and well done to all boys who represented the College and displayed great sportsmanship and effort on the day. Thank you to all staff members including Chris Twomey and James McPherson for all of your help and support on the day.

Nathan Eaton
Junior School Sport Coordinator

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