Middle School Monday, 20 Sep 2021

MS House Triathlon 2021

The House Triathlon is a great event that isn’t seen as a conventional sports carnival but is just as important in terms of the house spirit and camaraderie that is built between the boys. The day before the event there was talk of cancelling due to prospects of stormy weather. However, on the day itself, the conditions could not have been more perfect, as the sky was clear with the sun shining. Boys have the option of taking on the daunting task of the individual race or as a team. Triathlon is an event with a swim, bike and run so the boys doing the individual had to be adept in all three to achieve success. However for boys not brave enough to take on the task of an individual they could do it in a team. It may not sound as impressive as the individual but the results of the teams make all the difference when it comes to final scores. This is what ended happening this year. Just like a cross country race where the lowest points win, competitors were given points corresponding to their placement. After the day’s events had finished Glowrey ended up with the win.

House Results

  • 1st Glowrey
  • 2nd Bryan
  • 3rd Edmund
  • 4th Treacy

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Sport Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

Aquinas boys rule in the Water Polo pool

Congratulations to the following boys who have been selected for the WA Water Polo State Squads in their respective age categories:


Kale Arena
Charlie Backhouse
Jesse Barr
Tom Dreverman
Zac MacDonald
Baron Mincham
Harry Sheppard


Xavier Bradshaw-Pini
Patrick Dart
Joshua Douglas
Harrison Grattidge

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Junior School Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021

JPSSA Interschool Athletics 2021

The JPSSA Athletics Carnival was held on Thursday 9th September at the W.A Athletics Stadium. The day was filled with excitement, great sportsmanship and the Aquinas students showed great character in all events. Unfortunately, poor weather led to High Jump and Hurdles for all years being cancelled – replaced by a 60m dash.

A few special mentions must be given:

Division 1

  • Discus - 1st Place James Panton
  • Long Jump – 2nd Place Troy Warner

Division 2

  • 400m – 1st Place Ceejay Feast
  • Discus – 1st Place Thomas Van Dyk
  • Long Jump – 1st Place Nicholas Masiello

Division 3

  • 100m & 200m – 1st Place Lincoln Mathanda

Honourable mentions to our other top competitors on the day must go to Troy Warner and Luca Zoiti who displayed their athletic ability competing in multiple events at a high level across the day.

Congratulations and well done to all boys who represented the College and gave it their all on the day. Thank you to all the staff members and parents for your help and support. Lastly, a big thank you must go to James McPherson, the Senior School staff members and the rest of the athletics coaches at the College for giving up their time to coach the boys on Monday afternoons in preparation for the carnival.

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Junior School Tuesday, 07 Sep 2021

Trueman Wins Gold

Over the weekend Year 5 student, Matthew Trueman, competed in the Swimming WA Junior Short Course Championship.

Matthew competed in multiple events and walked away with:

  • Gold 50m Backstroke
  • Gold 100m Backstroke
  • Gold 200m Backstroke
  • Gold 4 x 50m Boys Freestyle Relay
  • Gold 4 x 50m Boys Medley Relay
  • Silver 4 x 50m Mixed Relay
  • Bronze 200m Freestyle
  • Bronze 50m Butterfly

Aquinas College would like to congratulate Matthew on his outstanding achievements.

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Senior School Friday, 27 Aug 2021

2021 MS & SS House Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to Durack House! Back-to-Back Senior School Athletics Champions. And Congratulations to Glowery House, the Middle School House Athletics Champions for 2021

Durack and Glowery Houses took out the 2021 House Athletics Carnivals on a perfect day at Memorial Oval. Coming off the back of an inspirational Australian Olympic campaign in Tokyo where former Aquinas students, such as Zac Incerti and Aran Zalewski, showed the Australian Olympic spirit, our Senior and Middle school students turned up in large numbers, proudly wearing their House colours in a terrific display of Aquinas College House spirit.

The competition was hard fought all day with excellent participation rates from all Years in all Houses. There were many standout performers on the day which gave Acting Head of Sport Kristian Leeson some optimism going into the PSA Athletics season.

What makes this day so great for me is seeing the enormous number of boys across the Year groups all out on Memorial Oval enjoying being a part of a spirit and culture that is centred around participation and giving it your best effort. So many boys step up into events to have a go and to compete in a friendly manner against mates, all while being supported and encouraged by peers and staff. It’s more than a day of activities for me, it’s a day where boys get to showcase their talent, skill, determination, and commitment.

These events don’t just happen, they take great work in the lead-up and during the carnival, I would firstly like to thank the students for getting involved in the day and behaving in a way that is respectful and highly competitive. I’d also like to thank all the staff for their determined help during the day, each event has at least 8 staff helping so thanks to those who raked sandpits, measured throws or timed races, your support is invaluable. Lastly thank you to the Heads of House and tutors for organising the students into their races and for fostering a House Spirit that encourages boys to participate and engage in the day.

Our sincere thanks are also extended to Trin Suckling for coordinating Farmers’ Food Festival along with the extended boarding communities support, this event was held on the same day as the House Athletics Carnival. In total $9,000 was raised on the day with some great food options for the students available along with some great raffles and prizes to be won. It proved to be an extremely successful occasion, it’s great to have the extra engagement of the Aquinas community to enhance the spectacle of the day.

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Senior School Wednesday, 04 Aug 2021

Indigenous Jumpers Revealed

My name is Jesse Motlop, and I’m a proud Larrakia man from the Darwin region in the Northern Territory.

Joining me is fellow Year 12 Student and 1st XVIII Footballer, Xavier Bradshaw-Pini.

Over the past 18 months, we have been sketching out a number of ideas. We have drafted many different jumper designs, using different colours, symbols, and styles. It wasn’t until late last term that we settled on a design that we were happy with, and we’re excited to present it.

On the front of the jumper, we see four white shields, these same shields can be seen as you enter the college at the roundabout. They each have a touchstone to represent the Edmund Rice Education Australia symbols but have been converted into Indigenous designs. The touchstones stand for:

  • Liberating Education
  • Gospel Spirituality
  • Inclusive Community
  • Justice and Solidarity

Across the front of the jumper and wrapped around the sides we see the Waugal, otherwise known as the snake. It was the Waugal that made the Noongar people custodians of the land so as a way to pay respect to the Wadjuk Noongar tribe, we have used the Waugal as a way to represent the group on this jumper, as this is their country that we play our sport on.

Some of you may have heard of a man by the name of Yagan, he was a Noongar leader and resistance fighter in the early 1800s and was feared by Europeans as a patriot fighting for his land. It is said that Yagan used to protect the point of Aquinas way before the College’s time, so to represent him we have included the four Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo feathers on the jumper, the feathers of which Yagan use to wear on the top of his bandanna.

On the back of the jumper, you will see a river, this represents the Djarlgarra, also known as the Canning River. In the middle you will see a symbol to represent a meeting place, that is Aquinas College.

Designing the jumper has been an exciting project. Xav and I have put a lot of effort and time into this, and to be able to see the end product turn out this good is very rewarding.

Lastly, thank you to Aquinas for allowing Xav and I to embrace Aboriginal culture and history into the College’s 1st XVIII Footy jumpers. It's an awesome idea and a great way to celebrate NAICOC week.

The jumpers will be made available to purchase in the uniform shop in the upcoming weeks.

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Junior School Thursday, 10 Jun 2021

T2 JS Clubs 2021

The introduction of our Junior School extended day program has been a roaring success and students have readily engaged in many club opportunities. Towards the end of each term, we give students the opportunity to nominate to try different clubs for the coming term. Here are some short wrap videos of some of the clubs in Term 2, 2021.

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