A dip in the College pool was welcome relief for the whole Middle School on what was a scorching summer afternoon. The carnival catered for all levels and motivations – quality individual swims for those targeting competitive endeavours, two divisions/distance relays for House success and WAR games which maximised participation. Our final novelty event of the day saw an initially confident group of Year 9 boys take on the staff ‘dream team’ including; Mr Matkovich, Mr O’Neill, Mr Justin Morisey, Mr Kristian Morisey, Mr Dempsey and Mr James Valentine. Class and experience shone through with the teachers finishing 30 metres ahead at the wall!

Two of our Middle School students have summarised their experiences;

“Overall, I thought it was an awesome day. I liked how everyone got to participate. It was a great way to meet new people early in the year, chatting behind the blocks before the races.” Brodie Moir (Year 7 Bryan)

“As part of the winning Glowrey House team, everyone there was really cooperative, with lots of chanting and excitement that made the environment really fun to be in and showed the great attitude of Aquinians.” James Harwood (Year 9 Glowrey)

The final standings saw Glowrey first, Treacy second and Bryan third ahead of Edmund House. Many thanks to the staff and parents that assisted on the day and of course, the students for their outstanding efforts and behaviour on the day.

Mr Craig Herbert
Head of Treacy House