Sport Monday, 15 Nov 2021

All Aquinas State

Congratulations to the following boys on their results at the All Schools Athletics Competition.

Samuel Brennan

  • Boys 1500 Metre Under 18 - 2nd place (4:03.48)
  • Boys 800 Metre Under 18 - 2nd place (1:58.48)

Tom Brennan

  • Boys 100 Metre Under 18 - 3rd place (11.20s)
  • Boys 200 Metre Under 18 - 2nd place (22.22s)

Caleb Di Toro

  • Boys 1500 Metre Under 16 - 7th place (4:15.16)
  • Boys 3000 Metre Under 16 - 6th place (9:19.56)

Luca Di Toro

  • Boys 1500 Metre Under 18 - 1st place (3:56.97)
  • Boys 3000 Metre Under 18 - 1st place (8:53.45)

Ethan Dixon

  • Boys 3000 Metre Under 16 - 5th place (9:15.68)

Tre Healy

  • Boys Triple Jump Under 16 - 2nd place (12.48m)

Cooper Horsfall

  • Boys 100 Metre Under 18 - 15th place (11.68s)
  • Boys Long Jump Under 18 - 8th place (5.90m)
  • Boys 200 Metre Under 18 - 8th place (22.91s)

Oscar Hymus

  • Boys 100 Metre Under 18 - 9th place (11.47s)
  • Boys 200 Metre Under 18 - 3rd place (22.63s)

Tom Millard

  • Boys 3000 Metre Under 18 - 3rd place (9:00.67)
  • Boys 2000m Steeplechase Under 18 - 1st place (6:30.98)

Oliver Perkins

  • Boys 1500 Metre Under 14 - 9th place (1:07.10)

Tyler Skeggs

  • Boys Shot Put Under 18 - 4th place (11.80m)

Ethan Wyatt Smith

  • Boys 1500 Metre Under 20 - 2nd place (3:57.25)
  • Boys 800 Metre Under 20 - 1st place (1:56.22)

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Senior School Friday, 12 Nov 2021

Global Classroom

A few years ago, inspired by the vision of connecting ‘Beyond Borders’ across the global Edmund Rice movement, our peers in Arusha, Tanzania invited Aquinas College to visit and get to know what the Edmund Rice vision looks like in a different context. During a wonderful few weeks there in January 2020, invisible barriers were dissolved, friendships were formed and hopes were raised for future connections. Obviously, the last 18 months have not been conducive to travel, and schools have often been closed for long periods – however, the sense of connection and desire to share stories has never faded.

Recently, Edmund Rice Secondary School Sinon has been in contact with us again, as part of the EREBB ‘Global Classroom partners’ program. On Tuesday 9th November a small group of students from each school spent an hour connected via Zoom. As we navigated language and internet hurdles, there was the familiar warmth, openness and sense of unity.

While we don’t know where exactly these kinds of connections can lead us, it is not about a predetermined destination – rather it is about being open to a journey together, come what may. Each time we connect we stumble upon glimpses of cultural common ground and also some beautiful differences. We are united by our shared charism and the youthful exuberance that students bring to these kinds of encounters. As time goes by, we hope a rhythm between the groups can develop as they connect online. EREBB GCP will provide some structure and support along the way, the rest is up to the small groups of Edmund Rice students to remain open to whatever may emerge. These images show a glimpse of both our time together last year and this week’s Zoom discussion.

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Middle School Wednesday, 03 Nov 2021

Relay 4 Life

Last Friday the year 8 and 9 boys at Aquinas College took part in the Relay4Life event with Santa Maria. During this event, we were given the opportunity to dress up in a themed costume with our fellow classmates from our tutor group and walk laps around the oval to raise money for the cancer council. One of the best experiences was the dance challenge for the Year 9s, where we had limited time to come up with a routine with a corresponding Santa Maria House and perform it in front of everyone. Not only was this a great social but also served as a learning experience where we were informed about how the money we have raised will help support those with cancer.

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Senior School Tuesday, 02 Nov 2021

Serving My Community

Service is defined as work done by one person or group that benefits another. I feel as if we all show service in different aspects of our lives at Aquinas College. Helping a mate with math questions they haven’t wrapped their head around yet, thanking the teacher after getting a good mark on a test. We all perform service every day, it’s just in some cases the service is recognised more than others. Personally, my journey through service at Aquinas has ranged from helping my local football club, the Manning Rippers through boundary umpiring, scoreboard changer, etc. On seniors, reserves and colt’s level. I also participated in a few clean-up Australia days, helping around the Salter Point and Manning streets and parks, and finally cleaning the bush next to the Aquinas College main entry gate. Throughout Middle School, I am aware I could’ve done a bit more in terms of direct help to people. Aquinas College has helped me reach out and provide service to my community, without this opportunity there’s a large chance I wouldn’t have done anywhere near the amount of service I have done.

At first, I saw committing to doing three soup patrols would be a non-enjoyable task I had to do to graduate, a very negative mindset. Until I heard my mates that would come back from committing their soup patrols, with only positive stories. The leaders or ‘drivers’ were nothing short of amazing people with positive mindsets about teaching me and my friends whilst helping the homeless themselves. Something that is so easy and accessible to us private schoolboys, like fresh fruit, bread and warm soup, means so much more to those less advantaged and privileged than us. The people to who we served soup were all grateful for the time we spent out of our days to support them. I had multiple jobs I wanted to participate in during the soup patrol itself. I poured the soup into the cups, and I would put the lids on the cups. I am not the type of person to go out of my way to talk to strangers, so I enjoyed being the backstage type of role during my patrols.

The highlight of my soup patrols would be during my second patrol when we got to play music out of the van, playing rappers like Drake and Kanye West led to the people we were serving being happier and loving the music, giving us all topics to talk about, people wearing Kanye West t-shirts really enjoying the music. It allowed me to appreciate how alike I was, we all listen to the same music, live in the same city, just some of us are born into more advantaged lifestyles than others. Being posted on to the official Aquinas College Instagram serving the community was great as it showed how happy all four of us boys were to help the community, big smiles were not placed on us when the camera came out, they stayed there all night as we loved every part of it. Appreciating that this wasn’t a chore or something we must do to graduate is a massive part of fulfilling service learning at Aquinas College.

After completing my three soup patrols, I was finished with my service for Aquinas College, but I questioned myself with all these opportunities Aquinas has given me, I should give back. The Relay for Life social for year 8’s and 9’s from both Aquinas and Santa Maria practically called my name. I would say nine of every ten people participating in the event as a student leader were doing it for their prefect or captain service project. I wanted to participate in it because I thought I would enjoy it. Three to four hours before the event I emailed Head of Middle School, not asking if he needed any assistance but telling him I would love to help. Coming together with Santa Maria Leaders it felt great to help raise money for the Cancer Council Australia. Giving my support to the younger kids at both Santa Maria and Aquinas was enjoyable, I wanted to be the friendliest person I could be. Talking to them and starting conversations between the two schools’ students. Doing all of this whilst raising money for charity just seemed perfect to me. Seven hours felt like twenty minutes. Doing laps around the oval, playing volleyball, having dance competitions are all great fun activities that helped a group of people suffering from the worst disease ever.

Aquinas College has so many opportunities given to students, such as gardening, soup patrols, surfing with the disabled, etc. I attempted to help with as many as I could. I don’t feel like doing service only helps other people, but equally helps yourself. I enjoyed fulfilling my service duties, I would do a lot more if my focus wasn’t placed upon my ATAR in Year 12. It doesn’t stop now though; service doesn’t end after Mr Richards no longer ticks off your name. Aquinas College has taught us how to serve others, how we must act once we leave school. Following in the footsteps of those soup patrol drivers who take time out of their busy schedules to serve those less fortunate. Completing my service learning at Aquinas College from 2017 to 2022 has been nothing but an honour, I am grateful for Mr Richards and other staff who have given me the opportunities to serve my community.

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Community Monday, 25 Oct 2021

New Team Leader for Soup Patrol

On Friday 22 October, the AC Soup Patrol team welcomed new driver, Genevieve Outtrim who led the team for the first time on her own. A big thank you to Oliver Jannetta, Adam and Hugo Wilson. A very special thanks to Jonah Smith and Jack Johnston who were asked to provide additional support with their wealth of experience. The team fed 35 people.

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Middle School Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Telethon Weekend

What a spectacular and record-breaking Telethon weekend it was. The Aquinas Community raised $46,269.00 which contributed to the record-breaking Telethon total, which was a whopping $62 million. We donated ALL of the money towards Research & Development, extensive study towards rare conditions (of which one of our very own Ollie Lim has been suffering from his whole life) and finally more importantly for the charities across Western Australia that make it possible for all sick people, particularly children in WA to live a happy life while battling their medical conditions.

I personally enjoyed the Telethon weekend. It was a great privilege being by my best mates side (Ollie Lim)… and being on live television twice in one day (not a bad thing if you ask me!) I’m also grateful for taking up my time to fundraise for Telethon, raising over $200.

All the best Ollie with your life mate, you are an inspiration and talented young man!

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Arts Thursday, 07 Oct 2021

Schola Choir Southern Tour (October 2021)

Aquinas College would like to invite all of the Old Aquinians and their families to Mass to see the Aquinas College Schola Choir perform.

  • Friday 15th October, 7:00pm, Bunbury Cathedral, 11 Money St Bunbury
  • Saturday 16th October, 6:00pm, St Thomas More Catholic Church, 20 Wallcliffe Rd Margaret River
  • Sunday 17th October, 9:00am, Our Lady of the Bay Church, College Ave Busselton

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Senior School Monday, 04 Oct 2021

Because They Could; Class of 2021 Still Serving Others

On Friday 1 October, three Year 12 students (Hayden Mendoza, Ben Mumme and Luca Webb) went on a Red Cross Soup Patrol. What made this night so special is that they had pre-planned to do this together in the period between their Exams and their graduation. All boys had already completed their Service-Learning requirement a long time ago. Their driver was Chris Guinness (Class 2013). I could not think of a more fitting way to honour this outgoing class of 2021 than with this highlight among many other highlights in the Service-Learning Program this year.

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Senior School Wednesday, 22 Sep 2021

2021 College Waste Audit

Together, the Sustainability Council and other interested students willing to dive into rubbish accomplished a College Waste Audit on Friday the 17th of September. This not so glamorous research provided an opportunity for the Council to collect data on the type, volume and location of waste across the college. You are probably wondering how this was done, and no students were not just pulling rubbish out of the bins and randomly sorting it — quite the opposite thanks to Rosie from Waste Wise Schools. The Waste Wise schools van pulled up with all the equipment we could ever need: tarps, many many tubs and buckets, tongs, gloves, soap and of course cleaning equipment for the end clean up!

Whilst some were setting up the scene other students were going around selecting a diverse range of bins from across the College. We settled on 7 wheelie bins emptying them onto the tarp for the many hands/tongs to sort through. Emptying the bins onto the tarp was not a pretty sight at all! Waste was sorted into 3 main categories — undegradable, recyclable and organic waste, which within them had separate sections such as snack wrappers, food scraps, paper and cardboard, aluminium, and plastic.

Sorting the waste took roughly a period and went fairly free of too much mess apart from the occasional stray projectile burger inbound for the food scraps bucket. During the sorting process, the boys found it very easy to fill the snack wrapper, plastic and general rubbish buckets already giving some insight before the data had even been collected. Once the mountain of waste was sorted into the various categories the true purpose of the waste audit came about, because after all, nobody wants to just sort rubbish for fun, we began collecting data.

From the data collected, food waste is the largest by weight and then general and plastic waste following closely behind with many little bundles of glad wrap. Surprisingly and even more so shockingly, whole unopened chip packets were discovered, whole packets of Oreos, many whole sandwiches and fruit, as well as drinks and, aside from food, Tupperware containers were also discovered – sorry parents these were not all the disposable kind! This data is hopefully going to be used by the council to pitch to the college systems to put in place to reduce waste, but this responsibility also lies with the students – they are the ones who need to take action on reducing the waste in our College.

So what can you do? It is fairly simple — be responsible consumers, not wasteful, only buy what you will eat and if you don’t eat it - take it home and let your parents know you don’t like certain things rather than throw them out. In short, think before you throw something out – offer it to mates or leave it for another day!

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