Service Learning at Aquinas really does payoff in more ways than one. Last Sunday the 12thof August 11 dedicated Aquinas students ventured down to Port Beach to clean-up any refuse washed up on the beach after the recent storms.

The boys arrived at the car park and jumped out of the van and immediately started to scour the ground for rubbish. One very lucky student found a ‘Pineapple”, yes a $50 note.

Needless to say the rest of the students did not take theirs eyes off the ground for the next 2 hours. This was exactly, the same spot another student found $50 last year. With interest rates rising, this secret spot has become Mr Rich’s new beach walking starting point.

Port beach and Sandtracks have never been so clean. With the recent placement of clean sand,that has been dumped on Sandtracks to assist with the new dune stabilisation program, and the Aquinas students eagle eyes looking for more cash, the beach was left spotless.

Apart from the usual, cigarettes, smashed bottles and hair scrunchies the rest of the clean-up was uneventful. It was a lovely warm Sunny Saturday morning with very few people at the beach. The local volunteers were revegetating the new sand dunes. Along with the Aquinas Students the beach was humming with community activity.

A reminder that any student can go down to the beach or river and collect rubbish for their service hours. They don’t have to wait for a school run activity.


Mr Rich