Community Monday, 05 Dec 2022

Kings Park Coffee Club

The Foundation and the College were delighted to host the Old Aquinians Coffee Club for the very first time on College soil. This well-established group has been meeting at Next Generation Club Kings Park on a monthly basis for many years. On July 15, 23 of its members - all Old Aquinians -attended the catch-up in the Churack Pavilion, with toasted sandwiches and coffee (their Coffee Club staple) provided by Holy Ground Coffee. As well as providing a change of scenery for the Coffee Club’s monthly meeting, the morning was a wonderful opportunity for Geoff Churack (’55) to welcome his peers to the cricket pavilion he made a reality. A big thank you to the group for donating their residual coffee funds to the Foundation’s Annual Bursary Appeal. We look forward to welcoming you all back to the College on a yearly basis.

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Senior School Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022

AC Boys Walk for Breast Cancer

Support Year 11 Aquinas boys Benjamin Clarke and Travis Shearer as they challenge themselves to walk or run as far as they can on January 4th 2023 in order to raise money for breast cancer.

1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime which includes Travis' aunty and Ben's mum, which is why they are putting their bodies to the test to raise funds and show their support.

Visit to donate and support the boys!

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Community Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022

Brad Hogg Clinic

Three Year 10 Boarders recently had the rare privilege of a private cricket clinic with legendary cricketer and Aquinian, Brad Hogg (’88), courtesy of a Major Auction item purchased at the 2021 Foundation Ball. After several cancellations due to COVID, Seb Fulwood, Judd McKenzie and Toby Fuchsbichler - who all play Senior Cricket for Aquinas - enjoyed an afternoon at the Boarding nets facing the spin bowler.

“Toby, Judd and I had an awesome arvo with Hoggy,” said Seb Fulwood. “He’s a great bloke and he made the training session lots of fun.” According to Seb’s mum, Jo Fulwood, the boys “were all very pleased with themselves that they were able to at least hit some of the balls bowled by a former Australian spin bowler.”

A big thank you to Brad Hogg for donating the clinic for the 2021 Foundation Ball and for giving the boys an afternoon they will never forget.

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Senior School Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

Recently, Finn Chadd (Class of ’21) and Kurtis Tanna (Class of ’22) attended a ceremony at Government House to be awarded their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards by His Excellency, the Honourable Chris Dawson APM Governor of Western Australia. Hard-earned and highly prized, the Gold Award is the pinnacle of the Duke of Edinburgh program. To achieve this Award, Finn and Kurtis had to participate in 54 hours of voluntary community service; improve in an area of physical activity over 54 hours; undertake 54 hours in developing a skill of personal interest; planning, training for and completion of a 4 days/3 nights camp; and participate in a residential project staying and working away from home doing a shared activity over 5 days/4 nights.

Congratulations boys!

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Community Thursday, 29 Sept 2022

Senior Old Boys Day

Senior Old Boys were impressed by the upgrading of buildings at the College and the breadth of the modern curriculum when they returned as guests of the College on September 7.

After being greeted with a mid-morning coffee, courtesy of the Holy Ground Coffee van – staffed by students learning to become baristas – Old Boys and their wives moved to the spacious new library, the “Angelicvm”, previously the College Hall.

There they were entertained by a variety of items ranging from a drama sequence and public speaking presentation, to singing from the Junior Choir.

In his thoughtful homily during Mass in the magnificent St Thomas Aquinas Chapel, Old Boy Father Greg Donovan (‘66) reassured those present by expressing the view that wisdom increases with age. Then it was off to the generous lunch prepared by the Dining Hall Staff and assisted by the College Ladies Auxiliary in the Hughes Dining Hall where we were entertained by the extremely talented Year 10 Jazz Group.

During lunch several Old Boys shared memories of their time at the College when facilities were far more spartan. They included Bob Kestel whose last year at the College was 1952 and Bruce Sinclair (‘56). John Maslin (‘56) explained how he kept in touch with contemporaries and Dan Duggan (‘59) spoke of the significance of the Aquinas “experience” to three generations of his family.

Michael Nevin (‘64) recalled coming to the College after completing the Junior Certificate in Bunbury, and Wilfred Hendriks (‘72), who – along with classmate Kim Cowcher (’72) - was attending his first Seniors’ Day, explained the challenges linked with having a non-English speaking background.

Those present would like to thank the College and especially the Acting Head of Development Sean Henderson, Alumni Administrator Nichole Rowson and Louise Symonds who administers the Aquinas College Foundation, for hosting a very informative and enjoyable reunion.

Peter Kennedy (’59)

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Senior School Tuesday, 06 Sept 2022

World's Greatest Shave

On Monday 5th September 43 Middle School and 37 Senior School students shaved their head in support of the Leukaemia Foundation’s mission to shave the world from Blood Cancer. The idea to bring this event to the College was instigated by Year 11 Students Thomas Eade, Luke Porteous and Conor Nolan who need to be commended for their efforts and organisation. The current total money raised is $43,850 eclipsing the original goal of $20,000 set by the boys.

The event could not have happened without the generosity of the Aquinas Community in their donations as well as the commitment of a dozen Hairdressers who offered their time to shave the students head. A huge thank you goes to the following Hairdressers: Rebbeca Richardson, Jaimi Frase, Lea Hugget and Taaj Arden from Barbershop Express Booragoon, Zeleha McAdam and Tanesha Dougan from Hair at the Zoo in Leeming Forum, Samnatha Urquhart, Kelly Chinnery, Ros Borgomastro, Roby Eade, Carla Peca and Melissa Burych.

Well done to the following students who committed to the cause, without their efforts we would not have been able to run such a successful event.

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Middle School Thursday, 01 Sept 2022

CPAF Dance Crew

For the first time in history, Aquinas had a group of of boys compete at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival in the Secondary Dance Category against 21 other schools. The boys put on a tremendous routine with the adjudicators’ comments reinforcing how well the boys did.

“What a flashback! Great musicality and unison work. Love the theatrical commitment and moments of lip sync. Good use of levels and play with time.”

Our amazing instructor Katrina Coopes overcame difficult circumstances of having only 6 weeks to teach the boys the dance, plus she dealt with the impact of COVID and illness taking away boys from rehearsals, making it difficult to finalise formations. Katrina did an amazing job in choreographing the routine and leading the boys and all the boys are thankful for her efforts.

At the end of the competition our performance was awarded a Merit Certificate. To give some context to this achievement, at the end of each section of the festival, the adjudicators reflect on all the performances and whilst it is at their discretion to make the awards, generally the top one or two are awarded an Outstanding, the next 2 an Excellence award, and perhaps the next 2 or 3 (depending on overall numbers) a Merit. Given this is our first Middle School dance group to enter the competition, this is an excellent result.

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Junior School Friday, 26 Aug 2022

8 Reasons Book Week Matters More Than Ever

Book Week matters now, more than ever

It’s National Book Week! All over Australia, parents of primary school children have been pulling together costumes for their kids. Some relished the opportunity to be creative; others were a bit dark at teachers for bringing this curse down upon them.

In high schools, English teachers and library staff have been creating displays and activities designed to engage their students with reading. It is a task made difficult these days as our kids are so drawn to YouTube, live streaming, and social media.

So why bother?

We all know reading is the bee's knees when it comes to education. It is great for:

  • Increasing vocabulary
  • Mastery of language
  • Increasing creativity
  • Developing imagination
  • Providing knowledge
  • Teaching grammar and spelling
  • Entertainment
  • Relaxation
  • Communication skills

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Community Monday, 18 July 2022

New Principal Announcement

Dear Aquinas College Community

I am pleased to announce that Mr Robert Henderson has been appointed to the position of Principal at Aquinas College, Perth, effective from January 2023. This appointment follows an extensive national recruitment search and a thorough discernment by a panel comprising educational leaders from Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA), Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) and representation from the Aquinas Advisory Council.

Robert is widely regarded as an outstanding leader in Catholic education and a very experienced Principal. Currently, he is Principal at John XXIII College, a role he has held since 2016. His previous leadership experience includes Headmaster at Ipswich Grammar School, Principal at Christian Brothers’ College Fremantle, Acting Principal and Vice Principal at Trinity College, Perth and Deputy Principal at St Norbert College.

Robert complements his leadership experience with a sound academic record that includes a Master of Religious Education from Notre Dame University, a Master of Education and a Diploma in Education from Murdoch University, a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Western Australia and a Professional Certificate in Instructional Leadership from Melbourne University.

An Old Aquinian, Robert describes his priorities in life as his family, his faith and his work. He and his wife Robyn have three daughters, Mia, Zoe and Abbey. Robert is committed to Pater Noster Parish, Myaree. In conjunction with his educational leadership, he has a strong background in sport and an interest in Music and the Arts. The following comment from Robert captures the significance of this appointment for him and his family:

“My parents built a house around the corner from Aquinas to enable their sons to attend the College and for our sister to attend Santa Maria College. It is an honour and a privilege to return to Aquinas and become part of a vibrant Catholic community in the tradition of Edmund Rice. I look forward to meeting students, staff and parents and becoming immersed in a school with a wonderful heritage and a very exciting future.”

I am also pleased to announce that Mr Brian Schumacher, the current EREA Director of Schools (WA, SA & NT), will be the Acting Principal in Term 4, 2022, once David McFadden concludes his term. Brian is a highly experienced educator and has been principal at three large Catholic schools in South Australia. In his current role he has worked closely with the College and knows the community well.

We look forward to welcoming Robert to the Aquinas community. On behalf of all members of Edmund Rice Education Australia, I warmly congratulate Robert on this significant appointment.

Yours sincerely
Dr Craig Wattam
Executive Director
Edmund Rice Education Australia

Click here for the official announcement letter from EREA

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