The Arts

Participation in Aquinas College Arts programs, including Visual Art, Drama and Music, enables boys to develop confidence and self-pride through their dedication to learning, creating, rehearsing and showcasing their talents.

Senior School students are offered a range of opportunities to continue to develop their knowledge and skills in musical theory and performance across the senior years. Aquinas College encourages students to pursue their interests and provides a diverse range of music options to cater for senior students, including choirs, ensembles and rock bands. Students rehearse and perform throughout the year, showcasing their skills at many public performances and competitions.

The stage is not only reserved for musical performances at Aquinas College, students can also take part in Drama studies and be part of the annual Senior School Production. Preparations for the musical production begin at the start of the year, with students auditioning for roles and rehearsing lines, songs and dance moves in the months leading up to performances. The dedicated preparation by cast, crew, staff and volunteers culminates in annual sell-out performances to our community.

Visual Art learning at Aquinas College enables senior students to further develop their creative capabilities, design artworks for assessment and exhibition and delve into art theory to further build their artistic skills.

The College offers many opportunities for students to exhibit their works both on campus and in the local community. From taking part in the College’s annual Art Exhibition or Photography Competition, to exhibiting in state-wide art competitions, students are encouraged to display their artistic talents to diverse audiences throughout the school year.


Aquinas (formerly Christian Brothers College) is a founding member of the Public Schools Association (PSA) which was founded in 1905. It contains seven members; Aquinas College, Christ Church Grammar School, Guildford Grammar School, Hale School, Scotch College, Trinity College and Wesley College.

The sports program at Aquinas College is rich and diverse, with boys from Year 4-6 and Year 7-12 involved in PSA sporting competitions. These experiences outside the classroom allow students to learn, have fun, and develop new and productive relationships with their peers, teachers, coaches and officials.

National and international sporting tours also take place periodically, offering students an opportunity to gain experience in settings beyond interschool competitions.

Team sports build a sense of belonging in boys, a connectedness with their school. Team work skills are developed, and individual self-confidence and self-esteem are enhanced through the group endeavour.

By participating in sport at Aquinas, boys can learn how to win and lose gracefully, acquire skills which will increase their enjoyment both as a participant and spectator, exercise self-discipline and improve their own physical well-being. We aim to equip students with the skills and desire to continue participating in sport as a lifelong activity.