Early Years students are encouraged to explore their individual interests, to be open minded and not be afraid to try new things.

Our students are offered a range of co-curricular activities which cater for their diverse interests and skill levels.

From participating in the Early Years Choir to creating artworks or trying out new sports, the boys are able to experience opportunities to explore learning in the Arts and Sports from day one at Aquinas College.

The Arts

Exploring sound, rhythm and beat are just some of the ways our Early Years students take part in learning Music. Learning how different instruments make different sounds and are played to create different styles of music is just the beginning. Students are given the opportunity to discover music in the Early Years, its sound, its rhythm and its voice. Early Years students are taught Music on a weekly basis in the Junior School’s purpose-built Music Room.

In Year 1 boys are able to be part of the Early Years Choir and join Year 1-3 students to create some amazing sounds together! The boys rehearse weekly before school and perform at some special events at the College and external competitions throughout the year.

Art in the Early Years program is about discovering ways to design and create using a multitude of different methods and mediums. It is about exploring new concepts of colours, textures and artistic tools. Learning about Art in the Early Years gives our students some of the basic building blocks to grow their learning, to discover art in the world around them and create their own pieces.


Participating in sport from an early age has many lifelong benefits for boys as they learn about healthy living, team work, resiliency and good sportsmanship. All Early Years students take part in weekly Physical Education classes. Pre-Primary to Year 3 students also participate in House Carnivals, including Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.

Early Years students are part of the Junior School Thursday afternoon sports program and participate in a rotational program of sports based on summer and winter seasons which may include;

Summer Program (Term 1 and 4):
Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball and Water Polo

Winter Program (Term 2 and 3):
Football, Hockey, Rugby and Soccer

Club Activities

Chess Club (Year PP-6)
Boys in both the Early Years and Year 4-6 experience playing games of chess with opponents. They are challenged to develop a variety of moves and tactics in a supportive environment.

Music Club (Year PP-3)
This club provides students in the Early Years an opportunity to explore music in a more flexible and student-directed learning environment.

Music is explored through free play on classroom instruments, guided ensemble playing and movement activities. Students build confidence to perform for others as well as experience how to be a respectful audience member.

Runner’s Club (Year PP-6)
Fitness and endurance are encouraged through Runners Club. Depending upon age, boys run various distances and complete different challenges. It suits everyone from the seasoned professional to those new to running.