About school

So far it has been fantastic the size of the school is a bit worrying when you have a class on the other side of the school you might be one or two minutes late. My old school had all the classes in one class so it was a bit different moving between the 6 periods we have for the one day. A good thing is having the older boys helping you to your class and risking them being late for there class and getting there self in trouble.

After school activities

The best thing is having us do sport every week. Like on Monday we could do co-curricular activities like skill-based training, sprint training, strength and conditioning, drumline, drama club, art club, media, music, dance, photography and welding. With a game on Friday against a different school, like last Friday, we played against Scotch.

About the boarding community

The boarding community is a good place with our mentors coming and checking up on us when we are not feeling the best. We get to stay and talk to the year eights and they will tell us how things go up in the other year so we are ready for it. The Brother House was a good idea because it doesn’t put the year seven and new year eight in the big boarding house yet so we can get a feel on the community before we move in with the senior and older kids.

Lynkon Kenna, Yr 7 Boarder