It is so wonderful to see everyone back at school ready for a new school year.

We are excited to welcome 28 new students to the Early Years classrooms and are looking forward to a year of growth and learning.

The boys have settled in beautifully and shared the highlights of their first two weeks at Aquinas.

"It is exciting to play the instruments, I’m playing the Cello and it is a string instrument."

Lukas, Year 2

"I’ve made new friends and have been playing cricket."

Hudson, Year 2

"I’m excited to play a new instrument, I’m playing the viola."

Jeremy, Year 2

"So, I like that I can have clubs after school and have club teachers."

Torsten, Year 1

"I have liked playing cricket and making new friends."

Louis, Year 3

"I had a great day at Aquinas. Why can’t I go 10 days instead of 3?"

Wesley, Kindy

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