A place of intellectual curiosity. 

Acquiring the skills, knowledge and practices required to flourish at school and beyond, Aquinas aspires to make young men who perform well in their academic pursuits. Our learning philosophy embraces a culture of academic excellence and improvement.

Subject-specific knowledge and understanding are crucial but equally important are the core skills such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication that are essential for effective work in the future. We place great importance on instilling the attitudes and practices of good scholarship.  Such an environment, combined with our high expectations, is one in which boys can thrive.

We know that boys achieve academic success when given the opportunity to experience a challenging programme that empowers them to take responsibility for their learning.

We are committed to providing the best, personalised academic pathway that suits the needs of each individual student. Our learning is defined by knowing each and every boy. Academic profiling and monitoring of each student’s journey ensures personalised learning, so to meet the boy’s individual needs.

At Aquinas, it is normal for pupils to find subjects fascinating and to want to go beyond the curriculum, and our extension and research programmes equip students to do just that. Through the Academic Scholar Programme each department provides ideas for students who want to explore more than can be covered in the classroom and homework time alone. This programme varies within each school but includes year-long extension programmes, short-term projects, withdrawal groups, ability grouping in some subjects and entry into individual and team competitions.