In the early years of boarding, students live in shared rooms, helping them to settle into a new year of school with a roommate and friend.

Weekly boarding life follows a routine, the boys know about upcoming scheduled events and activities and learn to manage their day around school hours, meal times, leisure/sporting activities and study.

They wake around 7am each morning and most look forward to a cooked breakfast in Hughes’ Dining Hall to start the day. Classes run from 8.25am to 3.15pm. Morning tea and lunch is served to the boys either at the school or in the Dining Hall.

Time after school is set aside for extra-curricular activities. All boarders are encouraged to take part in a sport, with training two nights per week. This physical activity is a vital part of each student’s weekly activities. On non-training nights, students have a number of ways to enjoy their time, from making use of music rooms, or gaining tutoring help offered at the day school, to taking the opportunity to relax in their boarding houses.

The evening commences with dinner in the Dining Hall at 5.45pm. Boarders are exposed to an extensive menu and each night have a choice of hot meals. After dinner, roll call and a House meeting takes place in each House ahead of Prep.

Prep (study and homework) is scheduled from 7–8.45pm and occurs in a variety of locations, depending on the year group involved. The Dining Hall, Library, Pavilion, and boarding houses are all used for study throughout the week. Following Prep, supper is enjoyed in each of the houses before the boys retire to their rooms for bed.