In terms of pastoral care, the most significant person to have an influence over the daily life of a boarder is his House Director.

However, there are many other staff members who play a vital role in boarding at Aquinas.

In each boarding house, there are up to eight Duty Supervisors who help the House Director with general supervision on weeknights and weekends. In each senior boarding house, two of these Duty Supervisors live on-site.

Duty Supervisors also help to take responsibility for the academic progress of our boarders – helping with tutoring or small group work wherever possible. Some are involved in working with particular year groups in the library on various nights of the week and are joined by a group of academic mentors who assist with our younger boarders.

Each of the four boarding houses has a House Mother, another significant person in a boarder’s life whilst at the College. Not only is the House Mother responsible for practicalities such as sewing and monitoring afternoon tea, but she also plays an important role in helping the boys in times of homesickness, anxiety, and uncertainty.

The boarding team also consists of nurses, two school counsellors, administration, and our Aquinas Connect facilitator, who is responsible for the transition into boarding of the Year 7 and 8 students. The entire team is overseen by the Head of Boarding.