Aquinas College embraces its rich history of providing residential care for boarding students.

Our focus is on giving students a caring, safe and comfortable home away from home during term time which offers them a place to relax, study, participate in leisure activities and build strong support networks among friends and staff members.

Residential life for Aquinas boarders begins before they leave home, with the Aquinas Connect program for students entering Year 7 boarding the following year designed to build friendships and connections between students before they move into boarding. The program uses a range of initiatives to engage the boys in conversations and activities to foster new friendships among the boys and their families.

Four boarding houses – Brothers, Nunan, Pinder Boor and Gibney – give students an opportunity to develop a sense of belonging in their houses while still being a part of the broader school community.

Brothers House is a purpose-built facility for Year 7 boarders which assists in their transition into boarding by providing a home just for them, enabling boys to acclimatise to the programs and ways of life in boarding and the broader College environment together.

Attending school as a boarder is, for many, their first experience of living away from home. Regardless, most students adapt very quickly and soon appreciate their new friendships. This rapid adaptation is facilitated through a strong sense of family and mutual support, fostered in every aspect of residential life.

Boarding offers special opportunities for young men to learn the values of sharing and respect, to have the time to know and appreciate other people from different backgrounds and to mature and develop close friendships with their peers.

Lifelong friendships are developed by both boys and boarding families.