Life in boarding can’t be described in one word. It can be described as fun, exciting, happy, lively and so much more. At the start of Term 2, I couldn’t wait to get back into boarding life because I knew I would be safe and happy there.

On the weekdays there is certainly no absence of excitement. Some of the kids wake up pretty early and turn on the TV. When I wake up I start off by having a shower and then I go to the main area and sit down and wait until everyone goes off to breakfast. After breakfast, we sit down for a little longer and watch the TV. Once Brother Robert gets here we go and clean our rooms and then we get him to check our rooms. After Brother checks our rooms we are allowed to get our phones.

Before school, we can do whatever we want as long as it is around the boarding community. We then head to school. After school, if we have sport we do that but if we don’t then we can do whatever we want. Dinner may be anything from nachos to penne pasta. Then we get back and have a meeting.

Finally to finish the day off we do study then go to bed. On the weekends we have an even better time, we do recreational activities which may range from going to aqua park to going to a museum. All in all I think boarding is a good experience for anyone.

Caelyn Beard, Yr 7