Hi, my name is Logan Nixon and I’m one of the new year seven boarders of Brothers House.

The first week at Aquinas was very unusual, unfortunately, a small COVID outbreak hit, and we had to go into lockdown. I found home-schooling very hard and frustrating as I couldn’t just ask the teacher what I need to do, I had to figure it all out myself.

Once that was all over, in week 2, I could finally start boarding. It wasn’t too nice at the start because we still had to wear masks. I also got a little homesick, but after the second week, I was fine. The school part was amazing as we got our own iPad, at my old school we had to go to the computer room and get a laptop.

The first weekend recreation was really amazing. We went to Adventure World, there were so many rides and slides. My favourite slide was the Kraken.

Week 3 was very chill, and I started to settle into the boarding and Aquinas life. Week 4 was camp, and it was really cool. My favourite part was the search and rescue as we got to explore in the bush and try not to be captured by the organisers. After camp was the boarder’s weekend or 'exeat', I got to come back to my home in Kalannie (three and a half hours northeast of Perth). I got to catch up with all my family and friends.

Once we came back it was week 5 - again a very chill and easy week, though the next week started getting a little harder as we started studying for our CATs. Once we had finished all our CATs in week 7, I felt very relieved.

Aquinas has been a big step for me, the sport, the facilities, the boarding, it's all amazing. I’m very excited to see what I can accomplish in the coming years.

Logan Nixon, Yr 7