Being a leader in boarding is such a privilege and will always be a time in my life that I will look back on with gratitude.

Aquinas has a rich tradition within boarding which has seen many generations of families and has upheld its strong boarding reputation, which in essence is the leader’s responsibilities to uphold. Leadership in boarding does not stem from one person but rather the whole Year 12 cohort, which encourages the idea that boarding is a “different type of leadership.” Boarding for me is a home away from home, and that is the environment that is encouraged throughout our community, with acceptance a key factor. Leadership in boarding is an honour to me as it is using my six years of experience to help the younger boys make a new family here at Aquinas College.

From my experience in boarding, I am able to pass down skills such as; budgeting of funds, organisation, excellence in academics, communication, following rules and learning to be considerate. I believe leadership in boarding isn’t about solving the problems surrounding the boarding but rather encouraging the boys to take advantage of the opportunities granted to them by living onsite. My role as a leader in boarding is not only to help boys succeed in their academic lives but challenge themselves to grow into good men.

William Bowring – Yr 12, Boarding Leader