2021 Language Week

Learn to mingle, be bi-lingual!

During Language Week the staff and students were treated to many events and treats.

Staff Events
The Week was launched in style on 13th August with staff enjoying a happy hour coffee event with cannoli. The following Tuesday the opera singer Mr Paul O’Neill delighted the staff with arias, while they dined on a sumptuous luncheon of “Sausages of the World.”

Pizza and Gelato Vans
The presence of the pizza and gelato vans was amazing. They were both open for all students to purchase from during break times. The language students spent one period within the week having a feast prepared by Vincente D’Adamo from within the pizza van which consisted of margarita, pepperoni, and vegetable pizzas, as well as arancini balls and salsicce. Every Junior school Italian student loved their sausage sizzle too. (Written by William Spence)

Bells and Bunting
For most of us the favourite part of Language Week is the fun music that plays from the bells instead of the usual sound. We listen to sounds and music from across the world and it is a fun way to celebrate the cultural diversity that exists across the world and in Australia. Watching boys dance to the Bongo Cha Cha cha and Sandstorm was amusing. Another part of Language Week is the varied and colourful flags which hang across the school. It’s a fun competition to try to name as many countries as you can, and it adds colour and life to the school. (Written by Digby Ross)

Car Display
The College was treated to a brilliant display of authentic Italian cars. The cars on display were a stunning Red Fiat 500 and a fantastic black Ferrari 599. Many thanks to the owners Valentina Algeri-Rafal and Davide Trevisio for the loan of their respective cars. A big thank you also to Mr Franco Ferrari (President of the Ferrari club) who helped co-ordinate this car display. (Written by Patrick Temby)

Championships and Drawing Competitions
From the 13th to the 20th of August 2021, Aquinas College language students competed in the Education Perfect AC Language Championships. This competition involved all the Italian classes and many individual language students competed too. Over 102,000 questions were answered. There were 5 bronze medals awarded and 1 silver medal awarded. The winner was Clancy L with 2000 points, who was the only silver medalist. The class winner was 2021 Year 07.6 Italian, teacher Maria Lo Presti. Other random winners of this competition will be announced later. The Junior School Italian students are also finishing their Michelangelo drawings for judging this week. (Written by Aaron Martino)

Global Studies
The Global Studies students will have an interesting finish to this week of celebrations. They will be enjoying Roo Curry after having studied aspects of Indigenous culture and language. Many thanks to Megan Monks for organising this treat for those boys.

Thank you to the Language Department staff for their assistance during the week - Emma Leopardi , Nicole Aquilia, Genevieve Outtrim, Megan Monks, James Brown and Nancy Lo Biundo. My personal thanks are also extended to the CLT David McFadden, Duncan Warlters, Brendan Chapman, John Van Dyk and Michael Dempsey. Many thanks to the staff, students and members of the Aquinas community who participated in these events. Your support and gratitude were really appreciated.

Maria Lo Presti
Head of Languages
2021/3 Patji Dawes Award Winner