On 17th October, the Junior School hosted the House Triathlon Carnival. We were lucky enough to have outstanding weather on the day, blue skies and sunshine. Competing in ideal conditions, all boys from Year Three to Six were involved in either an individual or team event. The carnival allowed the boys to display resilience, perseverance, determination and teamwork. It’s no easy feat competing in such a tiring event!

The boys competed with great spirit, enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Points wise, it was close all day with Redmond House winning ahead of Quinlan House.

Redmond House made Junior School history, becoming the first House to win all four major Sporting carnivals in the calendar year.

Congratulations to the following boys and teams who were named Champions and Runners-up for their year level.

Year 3 - IndividualChampion: Ashton Smales (Egan)

Runner-up: Jeshua Landrigan (Redmond)

Year 3 - TeamChampion: Leo Stanbrook, Hugo Moore, Ezekiel Lowe, Louis Kurniawan (Redmond, Clune & Quinlan)

Runner-up: Timothy Middlemas, Stefan Lazarus, Jaiden Manning (Quinlan & Clune)

Year 4 - IndividualChampion: Jordan Trueman (Redmond)

Runner-up: Grayson Ahrens (Redmond)

Year 4 - TeamChampion: Lennox Marston, Bellin Lin, Fionn Sao (Quinlan, Redmond & Clune)

Runner-up: Ian Thomson, Levi Monzu, Daniel Mitton (Egan & Clune)

Year 5 - Individual Champion: Duke Danby (Egan) & Kirby Mincham (Egan)

Runner-up: Spencer Whitfield (Quinlan)

Year 5 - TeamChampion: Marc Sutisna, James Hawke & Patrick Kim (Quinlan)

Runner-up: Marc Sutisna, Harry Crommelin & Patrick Kim (Quinlan)

Year 6 - IndividualChampion: Will O’Hehir (Clune)

Runner-up: Brendon Karczub (Quinlan)

Year 6 - TeamChampion: Lachlan Hooper, Christopher Gasmier, Nathan Huynh (Quinlan & Redmond)

Runner-up: Lachlan Hooper, Rylan Prindiville, William Zhu (Quinlan & Redmond)

Congratulations to Ashton Smales who broke the Individual Year 3 record with a time of 13 minutes 35 seconds. Jordan Trueman also broke the Year 4 Individual record with a time of 15 minutes and 12 seconds – breaking the 2020 record set by his brother Matthew.

Final Points

  1. Redmond - 155
  1. Quinlan - 160
  1. Egan - 179
  1. Clune - 187

Thank you to all staff members, ground staff, ICT staff and the Middle School volunteers for all of your help and support on the day. This event would not have been possible without the support of this amazing team. Thank you to all of the parents of our competitors; the boys were prepared, organised and enthusiastic! This doesn’t happen without the behind-the-scenes work from our Aquinas College families.

Nathan Eaton
Junior School Sport Coordinator