Where are you currently at in your career?

So, I’m working at Komatsu, in Welshpool, as a first-year engineer apprentice. We have 3 departments at Komatsu. I am a part of the ‘Reman’ team. This involves remanufacturing broken parts, fixing them, and sending them back out to the consumer

What does a week look like for you?

I work at Komatsu between 6:00-14:30. I like to stay busy between my normal work week, plus footy training three times a week, games on weekends. I love it; I love to stay busy

Tell us about the process of applying to Komatsu.

This time last year, is the time businesses open up their applications for apprenticeships. I saw that Komatsu’s opened their applications and I thought, why not? I’ll put an application in and see how far I get. The application involves your resume, which Aquinas helps you with

I got an email back 3-4 week later, saying “hey, we really liked what we saw, could you complete an aptitude test for us?”. I then completed an online aptitude test, as well as a little video about yourself. I then got invited in for an interview

And, most importantly, be yourself, be what Aquinas has taught you, be a good person first.

What was the interview like?

The interview stage came along, which was 250 applicants for 8 spots, so it’s pretty competitive. It involved a few hands-on tests, as well as a face-to-face interview with two people from Komatsu. The thing about Komatsu is, they were focused on you as a person, your values, what you’re about. This is something I was used to at Aquinas, this is what they drive through year 10, 11, 12. Be a good person with good values, over what you know.

What’s some advice you’d give for an interview?

I did some research because from what I know, interviewers will ask you if you have any questions for them, and I think it’s always good to have a question, but not just a general, vague question. I wanted to ask something specific to show that I’d researched the company.

What advice would you give to Senior School students regarding workplace learning?

Having that workplace experience during school really helps you out. It’s so different to school, so having that knowledge sets you up beyond school.

My advice is to set yourself that goal and go with it. Don’t be half hearted about it, go at it with two hands. That way, when you eventually go into an interview for a job in that field, the interviewers can see you’ve been working towards that field of work, they know you’re passionate.

And, most importantly, be yourself, be what Aquinas has taught you, be a good person first.