In Week 4 the boys showed off their skills in our Boarders Got Talent (one of our many Br Cleary Cup events) where Sam Cowcher and Euan Cobley led Nunan to a victory by making impersonations, the best one being an impersonation of Mr Van Dyk by Sam Cowcher.

The following boys from Nunan participated in the event, Jonty Petchell, Euan Cobley, Sam Cowcher, Aki Poasa, Jack Hughes, Lachlan Tippet, Riley Chitty, Carlo Moltoni, William Hughes and Jared Mackay.

From Gibney house, all the Year 8s and 9s performed, along with Lachlan Kerin, Angus Hardey and Hamish Dearlove who, arguably, had one of the best acts.

Out of the Pinderboor acts, Matthew Connaughton started the night off by playing Fur Elise on the piano, which certainly set the bar high. This was followed by Banjo Young, Max Skerritt and Jay Mutter who played as a band, and Trent Riley with a solo act. To end Pinderboors performance the Year 12s, led by Tom Mackay, sung “Tequila” which didn’t score as high as Tom would hope.

At the end of the night, Nunan came out on top, followed by Pinderboor in second place and lastly, Gibney.

Sam McLean, Captain of Boarding