Boys do things differently, not better than girls.

Aquinas College sees itself not as a boys’ school but rather a school for boys.

As a school for boys Aquinas focuses on:

  • Learning styles that are great for boys – boys learn well when they are able to do their learning visually or practically by doing.
  • Understanding that boys usually like to be active and are able to move.
  • Accepting that boys develop both language and fine motor skills later than girls and removing the unnecessary comparison between genders.
  • Boys being able to engage in a breadth of subject offerings and interest areas that may not be so readily possible in coeducational environments such as the creative and performing arts domains.
  • Providing an environment and culture that celebrates boys learning and character formation that is specifically targeted to boys’ development.
  • Allowing boys to have great male role models in in the form of teachers, coaches and mentors that work with them in the classroom and beyond.
  • Opportunities for boys to form critical friendship bases that serve them well into their lives beyond the campus.
  • Offering a faith experience that is boy centric in its approach and outcomes.

Boys need to have clear, unambiguous boundaries in which they operate that do not inhibit their sense of creativity and inspire them to be good men for others.