Karlayura Group

Lights, Camera, Action!

Foundation Ball 2021 Major Sponsor

The Aquinas College Foundation is pleased to announce Karlayura Group as the Major Sponsor for the upcoming 2021 Lights, Camera, Action! Aquinas College Foundation Ball.

A proudly 100% Aboriginal-owned, profit-for-purpose business, Karlayura Group provides a skilled Aboriginal workforce - blue and white-collar - to the mining and construction industries.

Having witnessed the disbursement of Aboriginal people from their lands as they sought employment in cities and towns, Director Brian Tucker recognised the toll this was taking on Aboriginal culture and connection to the land and set about doing something tangible to help his people, establishing Karlayura Group in 2011.

Working closely with construction and mining companies, Karlayura Group seeks and provides employment opportunities for local Aboriginal people. Using a model that facilitates bringing aboriginal people back to country, Karlayura Group provides the skills and opportunities needed to stay on the land and reconnect with culture, in addition to providing better long-term living and strong, self-sustaining communities.

Brian is highly motivated to help young people achieve meaningful employment, and is currently working with Aquinas College to develop VET-related training, apprenticeship and post-school employment opportunities for our Indigenous students in the mining and construction sectors.

Since 2011, Brian and the team at Karlayura Group have delivered projects for the biggest names in mining and civil construction, while making a huge difference to the future of the people who have lived on the land for countless generations.

Brian is a highly respected traditional owner on Nyiyaparli and Banyjima country and is passionate about preserving and passing on Aboriginal culture and connection to the land. He regularly participates in traditional cultural ceremonies that are important to the preservation of songs, dance, knowledge and traditions for future generations. Since 1982, he has been involved with numerous community, heritage and environmental programs and currently sits on heritage boards with some of the largest mining companies in Australia.

The Foundation and the College look forward to working more closely with Brian and the Karlayura Group over the coming months.

Louise Symonds, Executive Officer Aquinas College Foundation