At Aquinas College, your son will receive a holistic education that encompasses academic studies, sport, culture and community service.

While these subjects are important within themselves, their true value lies in helping your son discover and develop his inner spirit and strength of character – his heart and soul.  Learning about himself and the difference he can make, is as important as what he learns inside the classroom. Aquinas aims to educate boys to become the best they can be… for others.

Each boy’s journey within the school is sacred as it involves building a relationship between intellectual development, personal and physical growth, and spiritual life. We celebrate the individual, while recognising and promoting teamwork and leadership.

Aquinas is a vibrant learning environment that motivates boys to define and develop their unique talents. It is through the collaborative wisdom and input of our staff, boys are provided with opportunities to be the best they can.

As we continue our journey, Aquinas College is dedicated to attracting and retaining qualified, skilled and committed staff. They are there to assist today’s Aquinians to continue the tradition of excellence at the College.