Every Aquinian is called to be a “man for others” by demonstrating authentic leadership and service to others.

The Senior Christian Service Learning Program at Aquinas College is unique. It promotes the values of the College by encouraging students to reflect on their Service Learning experiences in relation to Gospel values and those of Blessed Edmund Rice.

Students are required to approach their service activity with compassion, understanding and a genuine desire to do good.

The program is titled Service Learning because we believe every student has a talent or skill that can be used for the good of others and their community. Aquinas College provides the opportunity and resources to allow all students to demonstrate this in some way.

Service Learning challenges all students to actively participate in services such as those for; the aged, children and adults with disabilities, refugees and peer support activities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and those struggling with learning and isolation. Each year, Aquinas students also immerse in overseas communities in the Philippines as well as the Kimberley region.

Aquinas College believes Christian Service Learning must play an integral part in a boy’s education. Participation in Service Learning is required to successfully obtain an Aquinas College graduation.