At Aquinas College we believe boys need to be engaged in reflecting on and building their character to meet the needs of the 21st century global workforce.

The mechanism to facilitate this is the Veritas Program of the College.  All boys in Year 7 to 9 participate in one lesson of Veritas per week, taught by key staff from across the College.  The Veritas Program focuses on:

Developing and growing positive character strengths
Using character strengths in the formation of justice in the world
Understanding how to practice moral virtues
Enhancing study skills
Building a skill set for being a gentleman
Nurturing the leadership qualities of all boys to be effective leaders and team members.

The Veritas Program aims to provide learning opportunities to teach skills such as: collaboration and teamwork, resilience, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, flexibility and adaptability, social responsibility, gratitude, kindness and leadership.

As part of the Year 9 Veritas Program boys are provided the opportunity to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Award.  This is an internationally-recognised program for young people, building their repertoire of skills to equip them for life and work.  The Award invites students to create opportunities to learn new skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure.  The Award can play a critical role in the development of a young person’s character because the responsibility to meet the requirements of the Award is placed totally on the student, meaning students need to learn how to use initiative, communication and manage their time as well as have self-discipline.

Veritas is aligned with the College’s vision to educate boys “to be the best they can be… for others.”