A variety of co-curricular activities are available to your son to support his interest and abilities in all of the learning domains.

These clubs take place throughout the year and from term to term. Boys are invited to participate and further develop their abilities in areas that interest them.

Teachers design and target the activities based upon the boys’ interests and structure inquiry-based projects and learning challenges to support individuals.

Club Activities

Chess Club (Year PP-6)

Boys in both the Early Years and Year 4-6 experience playing games of chess with opponents. They are challenged to develop a variety of moves and tactics in a supportive environment.

Know Your Grammar (Year 4-6)

During Know Your Grammar boys explore ways to use grammar for effect. Boys who enjoy writing and want that extra edge are eager to attend and can make their writing turn from dull to dynamic.

Mini Vinnies Club (Year 4-6)

As part of our service to others, boys are given opportunities to support others in the community. They attend various events, fundraise, organise and enterprise ways to be part of an inclusive community.

Music Club (Year PP-3)

This club provides students in the Early Years an opportunity to explore music in a more flexible and student-directed learning environment.

Music is explored through free play on classroom instruments, guided ensemble playing and movement activities. Students build confidence to perform for others as well as experience how to be a respectful audience member.

Robotics Club (Year 4-6)

This is a branch of technology that deals with design, construction, operation and application of robots. Boys get to play, inquire and design their own working machines and as they do revise and refine their finished products.

Runner’s Club (Year PP-6)
Fitness and endurance are encouraged through Runners Club. Depending upon age, boys run various distances and complete different challenges. It suits everyone from the seasoned professional to those new to running.


Sport is an important dimension of our school program and plays a vital role in promoting healthy living, team work and building resiliency.  From Kindergarten to Year 6 all boys are provided with a specialist Physical Education lesson. Additionally, from Pre-Primary to Year 6 students are able to participate in House Carnivals such as Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming. Year 4-6 also has the opportunity to represent the College in interschool competitions.

Each Thursday our boys are part of our afternoon sport program held during the school day. Kindy to Year 4 take part in a rotational program of sports based on the summer and winter seasons.

Each week throughout the year, students from Year 5 and 6 participate in the Junior Public Schools Sports Association (JPSSA) program against other JPSSA schools (Christ Church Grammar School, Guildford Grammar School, Hale School, Scotch College, Trinity College, and Wesley College). The sports offered are:

Summer Program (Term 1 and 4):

Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball and Water Polo

Winter Program (Term 2 and 3):

Football, Hockey, Rugby and Soccer


Music is an integral part of the Aquinas Arts and Culture portfolio. Students in the Junior School are able to learn an instrument, perform in a choir, bands or ensembles. Highly skilled and trained staff teach the students each week, enabling the boys to perform at Mass, assemblies, functions and also participate in a range of events and competitions.

All students in Year 4 learn either the violin or cello. The instrumental program provides each boy with the opportunity to explore the fundamental concepts of music in a practical and dynamic environment.