Junior School boys are taught a range of skills to learn how to lead and develop character.

Focusing on moral development, civic obligation, manners, developing high expectations, gaining a greater understanding about health and nutrition, service learning and developing an optimistic and resilient approach to their daily lives.

Additionally, Aquinas College Junior School adopts the Aussie Optimism program.

As part of our pastoral approach in the Junior School, all Junior staff are accredited to teach the Aussie Optimism course. This is an evidence-based mental health promotion program for children in primary schools.

Aussie Optimism (Curtin University) is based on positive psychology, focusing on building competencies in children, rather than alleviating problems. Research indicates that Aussie Optimism reduces mental health difficulties; increases recovery from depressive disorders; reduces the incidence of suicidal ideation and behaviour; increases pro-social behaviour; is in line with Health/Physical Education National Curriculum; reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression; recovery from depressive disorders; and developing optimism in our young students.

Additionally, the Junior School Leadership (JSL) program for our Year 5 and 6 students incorporates a Christian Service Learning dimension.  The focus areas include; promoting servant leadership as Jesus demonstrated, Christian Service Learning, Student Leadership and Peer Support.

All Junior School students are aware of the need to serve others and are involved in various service activities.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus remains a shining light in demonstrating the type of leadership that is required in Catholic Schools. To be truly an authentic student leader in a Catholic School requires boys to model faith and service to others in the school and community.

In turn, we aim for them to provide a strong example to those who they influence directly on a daily basis in their school, family and community. All members of our Aquinas Junior School community are challenged to make every day a better day for others.