The Year One and Two internal Soccer Carnival was held at Aquinas College on Thursday 15th September on Lynch Oval. The afternoon saw our students combine to play a round robin tournament. The afternoon allowed the boys to display their soccer skills that they had learnt throughout a 10-week program facilitated by junior Goals staff members.

Some students who showed great sportsmanship and great skill were Max Gordon, Lewis Hales, Loke Sandberg and Hayden McGarrigle. These students were highlighted by their coaches as they played fairly, helped others around them and displayed leadership qualities.

A huge thank you must go to the Rob De Azevedo and his Junior Goals staff members who trained the boys in the lead up to the event and assisted by coaching on the day as well as to Mrs McMillan, Miss Masarei, Miss Sweetman and Mr Iasenza for all their work in assisting the boys.