On Monday 5th September 43 Middle School and 37 Senior School students shaved their head in support of the Leukaemia Foundation’s mission to shave the world from Blood Cancer. The idea to bring this event to the College was instigated by Year 11 Students Thomas Eade, Luke Porteous and Conor Nolan who need to be commended for their efforts and organisation. The current total money raised is $43,850 eclipsing the original goal of $20,000 set by the boys.

The event could not have happened without the generosity of the Aquinas Community in their donations as well as the commitment of a dozen Hairdressers who offered their time to shave the students head. A huge thank you goes to the following Hairdressers: Rebbeca Richardson, Jaimi Frase, Lea Hugget and Taaj Arden from Barbershop Express Booragoon, Zeleha McAdam and Tanesha Dougan from Hair at the Zoo in Leeming Forum, Samnatha Urquhart, Kelly Chinnery, Ros Borgomastro, Roby Eade, Carla Peca and Melissa Burych.

Well done to the following students who committed to the cause, without their efforts we would not have been able to run such a successful event.




Taitt Abbott

Jayden Azzopardi

James Doyle

Oliver Eade

Eamon Franklyn

Joseph Gugiatti

Noah Haggerty

Eli Hickman

Lachlan Mitchell

Balfour Paterson

Jonty Petersen

Hugo Platts

Mitchell Rae

Roman Stanley

Brodie Wakenshaw

Patrick Winfield

Hugh Wilkinson

Albie Cowan

Louie Cronin

Jacob Della Vedova

Jai Gilliland

Addi Grace

Aidan Griffiths

Gerard Hadianto

Dylan Herbert

Drew Hughes

Lynkon Kenna

Clinton Librizzi

Tait Papaphotis

Tom Parker

Kieran Robinson

Wesley Turnseck-James

Trey Westlake

Tyler Burych

Sam Cartwright

Jackson Feast

Harrison Ganza

Samuel Johnston

Max King

Isaac Mascarenhas

Benjamin O'Keeffe

Perth Otero

Michael Scott




Charlie Backhouse

Max Backhouse

Kye Benson

Brodie Berson

Blake Hudson

Brock Knoles

Benjamin Kivelhan

Andy Lands-Robson

Sasha Luchmaya

Gabriel Maund

Charles Mavrick

Nishok Nimalan

Baxter O'Brien

Harrison Reynolds

Jacquees Syed

Ashton Smith

David Stopforth

Declan Zammit

Tarou Barron

Kian Boufajreldin

Matteo Conte

Thomas Eade

Blake Lambe

Byron McFarland

Daniel Newman

Matthew Pansini

Leo Peradon-Alaga

Luke Porteous

Justin Rifici

Henry Salfinger

Jake Zito

Zane Bukhari

Nick Farmer

Jack Johnston

Joshua McGrath

Oliver Pedley

Ollie Radotic