The Class of 2018 returned to the College for the annual Aquinas College Foundation Leavers’ Breakfast in the Churack Pavilion on Wednesday.

The boys enjoyed a delicious cooked breakfast and a chance to catch up with their peers, as they poured over their final College Annual.

Dean of Development Peter Robertson warmly welcomed the graduates back to Aquinas, emphasising the importance of the Annual Leavers’ Breakfast as a mechanism for the boys to reconnect with the College and their peers, so soon after graduation.

Peter congratulated the boys on their generous contribution to the College by way of the Class of 2018 Scholarship Gift, adding “…there is now a young man at Aquinas College who would not be here without your help”. Following a commissioning ceremony in early May, the 2018 scholarship commemoration plaque is hanging on the interior, north-facing wall of the Heritage Room, alongside the Class of 2017 plaque.

Old Aquinians’ Association President Matthew Noonan-Crowe also addressed the boys, encouraging them to join the OAA to take advantage of the wonderful social and networking opportunities available to them through membership.

For further information about the OAA and upcoming events, please visit the OAA’s Facebook page at or contact Matthew at

We wish the Class of 2018 the best of luck in the next stage of their lives and look forward to many more opportunities to welcome them back to Aquinas College.

Louise Symonds - Executive Officer, Aquinas College Foundation