The House Triathlon is a great event that isn’t seen as a conventional sports carnival but is just as important in terms of the house spirit and camaraderie that is built between the boys. The day before the event there was talk of cancelling due to prospects of stormy weather. However, on the day itself, the conditions could not have been more perfect, as the sky was clear with the sun shining. Boys have the option of taking on the daunting task of the individual race or as a team. Triathlon is an event with a swim, bike and run so the boys doing the individual had to be adept in all three to achieve success. However for boys not brave enough to take on the task of an individual they could do it in a team. It may not sound as impressive as the individual but the results of the teams make all the difference when it comes to final scores. This is what ended happening this year. Just like a cross country race where the lowest points win, competitors were given points corresponding to their placement. After the day’s events had finished Glowrey ended up with the win.

House Results

  • 1st Glowrey
  • 2nd Bryan
  • 3rd Edmund
  • 4th Treacy
Position Year 7 Tear 8 Year9
Daniel Delic
Ethan Hickman
Caleb Arena
Jake Arena
Tom Backhouse
Barton Mincham
Harvey Bow
Harison Ganza
Caleb Di Toro
Marcus Motten
Julian White
Jacques Syed
Callum Redelinghuys
Brady Hicks
Jake Gooding
Barton Mincham, Yr 9