Class of 1963

Michael Delaney Perrott’s family history and that of Aquinas College are inextricably linked. His father Thomas was a student at CBC on the Terrace in 1938 and one of the founders of Perth’s business community throughout the early part of the last century. Michael continued his father’s work, inherited his faith and his love of cricket all in the spirit of the school his family still has ties to with generations carrying on the family tradition and attending Aquinas College.

Both Michael’s parents were born in Australia, grandfather Perrott having brought his painting business from Cork’s High Street, all the way from Ireland. It became generationally successful for both the Perrotts and WA. Like his father, Michael’s journey has embraced a sense of community, strong faith, successful marriage and incidentally, excellence in cricket and commerce.

In his leaving year Michael was Prefect, College Captain, won titles at the State Athletics Championships and Honours for his ability in cricket, football and athletics. Michael left Aquinas and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from UWA before being called to join the armed forces. He contemplated a career with the Church but decided, having met his match in Rhonda, that family should come first. He joined his father’s painting business, on returning from Melbourne in 1971, and over the next 18 years helped expand it into an international company. His commercial interests have spanned as many as 40 enterprises over several decades.

Michael’s ability to play cricket is a skill he has passed on to generations of Aquinians. He coached the 1st XI in 1981-82, 1984 and 1985. His return to his alma mater was not confined to the cricket pitch as he also chaired the Aquinas College Board for a decade from 1985.

He was made a Member of the Order of Australia in June 2008 for services to “mental health, suicide prevention and further education”. The driver behind his external success is strong faith. He and Rhonda are motivated by a sense of spirituality that encompasses faiths of the world, but always finds a home in the Catholic Church. In a prayer he wrote for his 50th Wedding Anniversary, his words sum up the spirit of the school: “In this changing world we pray for all people and ask for the wisdom to be an example befitting our talents”.