Geoffrey (Geoff) Thomas John Cowcher, our most recent initiate to the Veritas Society, was born in Narrogin on 23 December 1938, the sixth child of William and Ellie Cowcher of Williams.

At the age of eight, Geoff attended the Katanning Convent School, followed by several years at the local Quindanning School, before attending Aquinas College for three years during his high school years.

Following school, Geoff returned to the family farm and was involved in sheep and cropping activities. He also spent quite a lot of time catching rabbits. Later he turned to pig farming and was very proud of the fine animals he produced.

At the age of 25, Geoff sought to join the Christian Brothers who he greatly admired from his time at Aquinas, travelling to Tardun to pursue his faith journey. Unfortunately, due to health problems that plagued him throughout his life, he was unable to fulfil his dream, returning to the family farm once again until his father passed away in 1978.

Following his father’s death, Geoff and his mother moved to Mandurah where the Church became the focal point of Geoff’s life and it was here he made many lifelong friends.

Despite being unable to play any sport due to severe back problems, Geoff loved his sport, supported many of his family members who were keen sportsmen with interest. He loved to follow the football at all levels and was a shrewd punter who followed the horses and always enjoyed a small bet.

As Geoff’s health deteriorated, he moved into Aged Care in Mandurah, living there until he passed away in January 2014.

Geoff remained proud of his Aquinas College links throughout his life – willing a portion of his estate to the school – and came from a long line of Aquinians dating back more than 100 years. His father, William, was a successful scholar at CBC on the Terrace in the early part of the 20th Century, whilst Geoff and his three brothers, Neil, Bruce and Max, all attended Aquinas College in the 1940s and 1950s. Geoff was followed by 8 nephews and 11 grandnephews, two of whom are current students, Sam and Joshua Cowcher, not to mention a plethora of other Cowcher relations with connections to the College.

Four generations of Cowchers have now graced the grounds of Aquinas College. The College and the Foundation thank Geoffrey and his family for their generous and ongoing support of the Aquinas and we look forward to welcoming a fifth generation of Cowchers at the College in the years to come.