Dear future Aquinian,

What to look forward to:
There is a variety of opportunities at Aquinas, we will talk about sport first and then to music. The opportunities for sport is amazing, for winter sport you can choose footy, soccer, rugby, hockey and rowing. The summer sport choices you can choose from are basketball, water polo, cricket, rowing, and volleyball. Now to the music aspect, in music you can choose from drums and trumpets and a lot of other instruments. If you are into music this is the right school for you, and the same for sport.

Motivation from me and to give things a go:

Trust me, the Middle School and Senior School goes very quickly, so trust me, you should give everything a go, even if you don't want to. I highly recommended you give as many things as you can a go. Because when you are older you will be disappointed that you didn't give some things a go that you may have liked.

Here are some challenges for you from me:

If you are sporty and love a sport, try to get into A’s, it's going to be a massive challenge because there is a lot of kids coming to Aquinas next year and there will probably be a lot of kids that love the same sport as you. If you love music and stuff, try to get into a band or something because if you go into a band, trust me, you will love it and Aquinas provide awesome songs to play.

Why you have made the right choice by going to Aquinas:

Aquinas, in my opinion, is the best school in Perth and it is very strong musically and very strong athletically and very strong sporty. Aquinas provides a lot of opportunities in everything, trust me, you will find something you absolutely love at Aquinas. You will also fit in very easily. I bet you will find 3 best friends that will be your best friends for life. Aquinians are very close to each other and I bet after school you will find millions of past and present Aquinians anywhere. Trust you have made the right choice going to Aquinas

Lewis McLernon, Yr 6