Character Education and Leadership.

A 21st century education is about far more than facts and figures. It is about developing the student as a whole, helping them to build skill sets, character and values which will be relevant for years beyond the school gates.

Aquinas College has implemented a new pastoral care program, Veritas, to engage boys in initiatives and programs aimed at developing character. It is aligned with the College’s aim to educate boys “to be the best they can be…for others”.

The new program focuses on six key areas of character education, including; gratitude, justice, courage, discipline, temperance and resilience.

The learning opportunities within Veritas also teach many associated character strengths – such as creativity, perseverance, kindness and spirituality.

Developing these character strengths and virtues in students gives those lifelong skills and values, which will be part of their everyday lives long after graduation.

The College recognises the need for all students to develop their leadership skills, with each sub school having a Leadership Challenge Program available to all students which incorporates The Duke of Edinburgh Award.