How to Apply

Step 1: Application for Student
Step 2: Application for Parents/Guardians
Step 3: Submit

Step 1: Application for Student

The Student Bursary application (download and print) is to be completed by your son in his handwriting. If your son has difficulty with writing and is being assessed or is diagnosed with a specific learning disorder such as dysgraphia or other, please write for him in his own words.

Step 2: Application for Parents/Guardians

Complete the Financial Assistance application.

This form is fillable; however, please download and print it if this is not possible.

When returning this form you must attached copies of:

  • Last two year’s taxation returns (submitted to the ATO) for both parents
  • Loan statements to support any loans listed
  • Confirmation from your bank detailing minimum loan repayment amounts for each loan
  • Any additional supporting documentation or comments (particularly if trusts, companies, partnerships and directorships are involved)
  • Letter explaining your current family and financial situation and how/whether this has changed in recent years
  • Details of any financial trusts or family trusts
  • Details of any investments
  • Three most recent payslips attached
  • Statements for all loans for last 12 months
  • Bank account statements for all account for last 6 months
  • Copy of any lease agreements (if applicable)

Step 3: Submit

Once completed, please scan/attach the documents and email them to by Wednesday 27 March 2024

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any further queries regarding the bursary process.