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Aquinas College Foundation

The Aquinas College Foundation exists under the auspices of the Christian Brothers and has as its primary focus fundraising and fund management.

The Foundation operates independently of the Aquinas College Board to secure a sound financial future for the College. However, it does work collaboratively with the College to assist in achieving the College’s mission.

The Aquinas College Foundation aims to:

  • provide a source of funds not otherwise available from the annual operating budget
  • to encourage and foster the interest and financial support of past students, parents of students and friends of the College
  • provide funding to preserve, improve and develop the holistic educational opportunities and facilities at the College
  • provide financial assistance for appropriate student programs which include scholarships and allowances
  • accumulate a corpus of funds to assist the long-term benefits of the College.

Aquinas College aims to provide the best possible learning and teaching environment and facilities for its students.

An important part of this goal is undertaken by the Aquinas College Foundation in the raising of funds and building of investments.

The Foundation continues to contribute to the College through the fundraising and significant contributions to the school’s major capital works have been made since 1998.

The work of the Foundation in raising funds is through:

  • The Annual Appeal seeking gifts from all members of the Aquinas community
  • The Brother Redmond Building Fund to which current parents are requested to make a voluntary tax deductible contribution while the family has boys at the College
  • The Endowment Fund
  • Bequests

Financial support outside of the operating budget of the College is vital for the College to continue to be at the forefront of education for boys.

The Aquinas College Development Office supports the activities of the Foundation and for further information please contact the Foundation via Foundation@aquinas.wa.edu.au.

The Aquinas College Foundation has now made it even easier for you to send in your voluntary tax deductible annual gift via our Online Store.

Thank you for assisting Aquinas College to provide the best education for our boys today and into the future.