Aquinas College is a Catholic School for boys in the Edmund Rice tradition. This means that it draws inspiration from the Gospel teachings given to us by Jesus Christ as well as the example of what it means to live like Jesus, from the founder of the Christian Brothers, Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice.

Every Aquinian is called to be a ‘man for others’. In all our pursuits across all areas of learning, the essential message is one of prayer and service to others.

Aquinas College believes that service must play an integral part in a boy’s education. Together with a dynamic spirituality and religious education program, all students are involved in all areas of Religious Formation. The ‘head, heart and hands’ approach is essential for a full encounter with Christ and this is reinforced through several reflective processes during a student’s life at Aquinas College.

The program challenges all students to actively participate in services for the aged, children and adults with disabilities, refugees and peer support activities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and those struggling with learning and isolation. Each year, Aquinas students also immerse in overseas communities in the Philippines as well as the Kimberley region. Service activities exist for students at all levels of college life.